Even If Beards Are Over These 10 Celebrities Should Keep Theirs

Are Beards Going Out Of Style? 10 Celebrities Who Should Keep Them Anyway

joe manganiello Photo: WENN

We’re a little bit worried. Yesterday we came across an article on PolicyMic positing that society at large has reached the point of “peak beard,” at least, according to a new report from the University of New South Wales. The report basically says that because beards are so cool and hip, their reign is coming to an end and they’ve got nowhere to go but far, far away.

The university focused their research on the sex appeal of beards and found that due to a direct result of evolutionary genetics, humans have something called “negative frequency-dependent selection” (this means people are attracted to things they don’t often see) which makes beards less sexually attractive the more often they are seen.

For example, say you live in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Hordes of hairy hipsters are pretty much the norm. Seeing bearded faces day after day might seem really cool at first, but as time goes on, something along the lines of diminishing returns happens, and each new beard no longer provides as much excitement. The beard trend has been around for almost a decade, reports PolicyMic, and in the digital age that’s basically 30 years–the typical lifespan of a trend.

Need proof? Check out Brad Pitt back in 2002–hair for days, and that was 14 years ago. So the math makes sense, and perhaps it is time for the trend to end after all, if only so Brad doesn’t’ try to recycle that style. But even so, there are some celebrity men out there who look so good in beards that a change in trends need not apply to them at all.

Joe Manganiello above is one of them, click through to see nine other male celebrities who definitely need to keep their beards.

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  • DA-BIG-D

    Well clean shaven and goatees soul patches, etc. are a pain to maintain. I cut my beard off a few months ago and I am ready to grow it back. I swear it was much simpler and it actually protected my facial skin. Instead of having to rake over it every other day and/or trying to line everything up correctly.

  • Ski Sker

    A recent study found that women are more attracted to whatever facial hairstyle is NOT in style at the time. When beards are popular, more women are attracted to men without beards, and vice versa.