Ciara Shows Off Her Baby Bump In New W Mag Profile

Ciara Shows Off Huge Baby Bump, Says She’s A Superwoman In W Magazine

Ciara in WPhoto: Carlos Serraro

Since first learning of Ciara’s pregnancy, we’ve been pretty heavily following her growing baby bump, but she hasn’t been overly vocal about her pregnancy. Aside from our exclusive chat with her, we haven’t actually heard a lot from her perspective on the topic. But thanks to her new profile in W, Ciara’s–who, by the way, is one of this year’s rising fashion It-Girls–POV on her pregnancy is loud and clear.

It seems she’s really enjoying not having the pressure of having her enviable and inspirational abs on display and under scrutiny all the time. “It feels good to not have to wonder whether your abs are tight enough. I like not being so perfect,” she told the magazine, clearly loving the new-found freedom pregnancy permits.

That freedom is allowing her a lot of time to get ready for her son with fiance Future. She told W she’s been getting advice from her BFF Kim Kardashian on “everything from breastfeeding to how a stroller works,” and making sure to document her pregnancy with lots of pictures because she and her mother don’t have a lot of pictures from her youth.

We can’t wait for shots of the little boy when he arrives, which is sure to be any day now because her belly is looking BIG. After the birth Ciara plans on getting back in shape and planning her wedding. If that sounds like a lot to handle for a new mother, no big.  “I don’t want to sound too cocky, but I consider myself superwoman,” she says.

Click through to see more photos of a the glam and glowing momma to be. We love how she maintained her signature edgy style but with just a bit of a softer edge.

  • eisha0417

    Gorgeous! She wears things that are appropriate for a pregnant woman!

    • DRUNK247


    • If that was true she would be wearing a wedding ring.

      • WellReally

        Womp womp

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  • Gotcha

    She looks beautiful and so classy!

    • DRUNK247

      Nothing classy about s exualisation of prego.What kinda sick movies ru into?

  • BossLady206

    Why have we seen more of her pregnant than we have her whole career?

    • dolls

      Lol that’s so wrong

    • Lmfao omg this is funny.

    • GoAhead

      Lmfao!!! You went there, I feel ya tho

      Seems like pregnancy and dating rappers is the new come up in Hollyweird, I thought she was suppose to be famous for making music…. She needs to one, two step back in to the damn studio!!

  • Shannon

    Take note Beysus.

  • PolkaDots

    I love the 1st three photos the best…..I hope she has a healthy baby and great marriage!

    • OMG

      Shut upp.

      • PolkaDots

        Nope! – Ahora, get a life.

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    IDK why she never modeled like RIhanna.

  • F.W

    Interesting lol.

  • rainbow

    she looks great

  • Please Dont Feed The TROLLS

    At least she had a real baby not like beyawnce with her fake foldin stomach lol

    • britt

      Damn, Beyonce stay on ya’ll haters mind. I thought this post was about Ciara, she can’t even get any shine on her own post. Please move on because I am still waiting for some reciepts that Beyonce wasn’t pregnant- you know surrogate name, race, height,etc……… Call me when Ciara delivers her baby, so we know that she really gave birth because we don’t know if that is really a baby bump or a fake! Just sayin…….

      • WellReally

        Now it is unnecessary to always bring Bey up but her stomach did fold. It really did. That was so weird.


    kudos to Cici for opting against the sterotypical nacked preggers photo. trés classy! 🙂

  • Coya

    Ciara please go sit somewhere and hide like you were doing when the speculations was first going on. The only reason she came out with it, is because it wouldn’t have been long before she started showing for real.

    Get a ring and then that’s something to be so excited and happy about. Until then you will not get an glory from me for being another washed up and knocked up celeb that’s using their pregnancy for relevance. Hey I’m just bein’ honest (In my Future voice)

    • OLR

      words of wisdom..there will never be a day that being a baby mama is cool plus doesn’t he have a bunch of children..some women don’t think about who these things..she’s bound to that man for life