4 Kinds Of Cleavage The Average Woman Isn’t Capitalizing On Enough

nicki minaj instagram cleavage

Photo: Instagram

When it comes to cleavage, we all think one thing (or maybe it’s technically two)—boobs. Although we can’t confirm who said it, breasts are said to be a woman’s best accessory. I personally put my bid in for the envelop clutch, but that’s just me. And you can bet if it’s not boobs showing, then it’s legs, or both. But when it comes to the matter of cleavage, there are lots of other options that the average woman just isn’t capitalizing on enough. Celebrities have already unlocked the key to these peek-a-boo body parts, and so should you.

Here are the 4 kinds of cleavage the average woman isn’t capitalizing on.



Toe Cleavage


Photo: KourtneyKardashian.com

So you don’t know about the toe? Any avid lover of shoes or the average fashion obsessed knows the allure of toe cleavage. Pumps with a deep cut top expose the start of the toes, giving the shoe and foot a more delicate look. Enchanté.

  • CaribbeanGlow

    Good article! Great ideas, especially toe and keyhole cleavage. I don’t like side boob, personally.

    • 910Dman .

      Exactly. Nothing wrong with some toe cleavage.

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    • PolkaDots

      Yeah, only for people with foot fetishes. hahahaha

      • 910Dman .

        Yep, because boob cleavage isn’t any fetish at all. *Sarcasm*

        • YourNightmare00

          “Yep, because boob cleavage isn’t any fetish at all. *Sarcasm*” –> And you REALLY needed to keep that lameness and the stinky smelling “sarcasm” that came along with it.
          #Nawh Kid
          #This Article Is A Year Old Dumb@ss
          #Find Something To Do With Your Ample Time

          • 910Dman .

            Woman, I’m in Japan, so life is great and work is relaxing! I’m a grown man, I can say whatever I want. You don’t pay my bills, so pull your head from cloud 9, and go kick rocks under a lightning storm. Oh, and take your lame hashtags with you too.

          • YourNightmare00

            I don’t care where you live dear nor do I care what you do with your AMPLE time. Work (**cough** b.s.) I don’t care that you are a “GROWN MAN” as you could be female for all I care. Well, here in the states it’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH I don’t know about the rules in Japan nor do I care.

            You keep blabbering on and on about what I don’t do for YOU and to all that I say: THANK GOD. I suggest YOU take YOUR own advice and take YOUR OWN head out of YOUR @SS and go stand out in the worse thunderstorm and WAIT to get struck by lightning.

            Me AND my hashtags have just stomped all over your face.
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            #Get A F^cking Life

          • 910Dman .

            Of course you don’t, yet you keep replying to my comment and I’m the one that doesn’t have a life. Newsflash: I’m from the states, you moronic piece of filth lol. I’ve been to several countries, so until you traveled around the world, have a seat. And take out that hot air from your head and gather some intelligence for once in your life. Oh, and take that tampon out of that amazon; you’re obviously stuck on your period. That thing is ground zero anyway lmao. Have a nice life, Ms. Nobody. And go fetch me a sandwich, witch.

          • YourNightmare00

            I’m glad that you know that I don’t care. I suggest that you take this
            understand and make productive use of you time. (And no posting to me on a YEAR OLD ARTICLE is NOT time well spent.) It appears to me that you d3sire attention and lack responsibilities in your life which is why YOU are posting to ME on a YEAR OLD ARTICLE.

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          • YourNightmare00

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  • PolkaDots

    I agree about the back cleavage! — My back is my most FAVORITE body part….I loves it and a little keyhole top can be really cute.

    • Floyd

      Let me see.

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  • guest

    fail article. ad leading with toes… yeah no.

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