Sneaker Grandma Is Officially The Hottest Thing On Instagram

Sneaker Grandma Might Be The Best Thing To Happen To Instagram

While most grandmas might be out wearing their umpteenth twinset while playing bingo and badminton, there’s one fresh nana out there killing the game on social media. The aptly titled “Sneaker Grandma” account is quickly growing momentum and amassing many fans (over 14K last we checked) and we see why—Sneaker Grandma is freaking cool as heck! And her sneaker game might be sicker than yours.


SG’s true identity is still unknown (and we hope this doesn’t turn out to be some hoax like the viral twerking on fire video) but we can’t stop looking at her pics. She’s such a G sitting back while having her photo snapped as she’s wearing her killer kicks.



Whoever she is, BRAVO, SG! BRAV-O.