15 Mean Girls Memes to Celebrate 10 Years

15 Life Lessons From ‘Mean Girls’ On Its 10th Anniversary

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Ten years ago today, the dark comedy imagined by comedian Tina Fey known as “Mean Girls,” hit theaters.

Starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert and an array of Fey’s “Saturday Night Live” comrades– the filmed grossed $24 million in its opening weekend but cemented itself as an internet phenomenon in the prior the years. From Tumblr to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all types of images and gifs were created to re-live priceless moments from the film.

“It’s the quintessential high school teen movie for the current generation, just like how Clueless and Carrie were for previous generations,” Emily Huh, director of business development for Know Your Meme told Wired. “But the internet wasn’t as popular then, so we didn’t have the spread of the memes and GIFs that came out of those older movies.”

In addition to it reflecting the ever-present dog-eat-dog nature of high school, the film also created catch phrases that we still use today.

On the next pages you’ll find 15 Life Lessons from “Mean Girls” in the form of memes. Enjoy!

Mean Girls meme2

It’s always OK to lambaste your friends for flaking out at the last minute.

Mean Girls meme3

Being the single black female means you must represent for the motherland… unless you’re not from the motherland.

Mean Girls meme4

Nepotism is very real and can get you a long way.

Mean Girls meme5

In life you can be “sorry” but not really..

Mean Girls meme6

A cool mom never actually acknowledges that she’s cool.

Mean Girls meme7

This meme is self-explanatory.

Mean Girls meme8

Baby prostitutes are what you smell like when the downhill decent begins. Right, Lindsay?

Mean Girls meme9

From time to time, we all like to get loose, and that’s OK.

Mean Girls meme10

There’s always room from improvement– always.

Mean Girls meme11

Some trends are only for a moment in time. RIP, “YOLO.”

Mean Girls meme12

ESPN and ESP are synonymous to airheads.

Mean Girls meme13

Uniformity is the key to success in highschool.

Mean Girls meme14

Being a natural red head is something that should be cherished and maintained. Again… right, Lindsay?

Mean Girls meme15

#Obvi Halloween is the only day to dress slutty and blend in with everyone else.

Mean Girls meme1

Again, self explanatory. Who doesn’t love cheese fries.

  • Please Dont Feed The TROLLS

    Mean girls taught me to never give a rat a$$ what people think. And you can be friendly wit ho#$ but never trust em.

  • WellReally

    You can’t sit with us!


    Wow does the fact that this movie is 10 years old make any one else feel old? Lol, it’s a classic.

  • guest


  • Tiassopinkmommy

    I just watched this movie on mtv last night. Its definitely a classic and so d@mn funny. But Kevin G though…………….LoL

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  • PolkaDots

    Cute little list!

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