Donald Sterling's Girlfriend, V Stiviano and Her Visors

Let’s Discuss: V. Stiviano And Her ‘Fashion’ Visors

It’s quite remarkable how someone can go from a regular person who regularly attends Clippers games to a media sensation, within days. That’s the life of V. Stiviano, the woman behind the Donald Sterling controversy.

His mistress, lover, friend– whatever she is, she’s definitely the voice on the phone call that implicated the billionaire of being an overt racist. On Tuesday, headlines read “Banned for Life” in regards to Sterling’s punishment for his offensive remarks but only a few things are known about the ethnically ambiguous Stiviano.

In addition to being a fan of the Clippers, she claims to be an “Artist, Lover, Writer, Chef, Poet, Stylist, Philanthropist” on her Instagram page. And speaking of… she really loves Instagram, regularly taking selfies and pictures of designer goods. According to reports, she’s being sued by Sterling’s wife, Rochelle for the goods that include a duplex, Ferrari, two Bentleys and Range Rover that her husband allegedly bought for Stiviano.

There’s a lot going on with this chick.

But we’ve been captivated by Stiviano, who’s real name is Maria Vanessa Perez, as she’s avoided paparazzi cameras through the streets of Los Angeles. Each day she’s been wearing visors from an unknown designer (possibly herself) that actually give a nod to similar pieces from Alexander McQueen and Marni. The look of space age meets superstar is probably the most unique thing the media has seen in a while.

We’re not sure where she’s going with this or if she hopes to make it a trend, but we do know as quick as something is hot, it easily turns cold and old.


  • Ayisha

    I love it!!! I ordered two on Amazon

    • S Jo

      Best cover up mask ever!

      • Michelle

        I agree! We will probably see more celebs with’em

      • Ayisha

        Sure is.

    • gingersnobb

      Ayisha!! Whats the name of it? Thanks!

      • Ayisha

        The Brand is by sport and it’s called Sun visor cap…

        • gingersnobb

          Thank you

          • Ayisha

            You’re welcome ebay has it too make sure it’s shipped from South Korea

  • bowtie_fly

    You are goofy!

  • Otis Django

    Black women are still slaves.

    • more

      SHE IS NOT black

      • Another Nobody

        Wether she likes it or not. She is black.

        She can tell Donald and the world that her black dad raped her saint mom and give her sugar daddies the opportunity to further villify blacks and “save” her from such a despicable circumstance… but you are only fooling yourself love. Oh and the old racist dirty men looking for a reason/excuse to hunch on you. We all know the white man loves to lay with black women. its historical. Kudoes for the ability to exploit that so financially though **golf clap**

        Some of us see right through that visor hunny.
        Hope you wore it to keep Sterling’s various body fluid off your face.

    • Ayisha

      So are black men

  • Lydia

    I see women wearing these all the time in Korean dramas. I guess they’re gonna become trendy here in the states!

  • Well…when you’re a man posing as a woman. You would want to cover your face too.

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  • Tha Real Hamia

    I can forsee this being a trend in the not so distant future. With cameras everywhere, drones, real time satellite imagery, and Google glass, I can see this being as common as sunglasses one day.

  • Lupe

    She stinks of tranny.