15 Celebrities Who Bounced Back After Baby


In weight-obsessed Hollywood, celebrities feel the added pressure to shed the pregnancy pounds right after giving birth. With the help of personal trainers, nutritionists, and a multi-million dollar endorsement deal or two, these new moms bounced back into shape after having a baby in no time at all.

Kim Kardashian was right back to posting bikini selfies after enduring a pregnancy full of fat jokes and vicious tabloid covers, and Jessica Simpson lost over 50 pounds not once but twice after having two kids back to back. Even Halle Berry, who had her second child in her 40s, was back on set at her pre-baby weight, a few months after giving birth.

These celebrity moms prove your body after baby can be better than ever. Check out our gallery on the next pageĀ for celebrity post-baby body transformations.


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  • PolkaDots

    Kristen Bell looks HORRIBLE – I HIGHLY doubt she is going to lose the baby weight anytime soon – maybe by the time her kid terms 5 years old she’ll be somewhere NEAR her pre-pregnancy weight.

    She just seems LAZY.

  • Courtney Puzzo

    some of those women also had complicated pregnancies because they were having multiples as in Angelina & Mariah or a large baby like Jessica Simpson or Heidi Klum. @Polkadots Kristen Bell has said she’s still breastfeeding her daughter so she had to keep a bit of her pregnancy weight for milk production. some of them actually gained less than the recommended amount of weight while pregnant Megan fox for example admitted she only gained 23lbs the first time she was pregnant and doctors recommend at least 25lbs if the woman is of healthy weight before she conceives and hasn’t yet said what she gained when she was expecting her 2nd son and most of these women are short to just above average height while Aldridge Carey Jolie & Klum are all considered tall

  • Dalton

    Kardashian’s butt looks awful!

  • freeforhaul

    This article speaks volumes regarding the shallowness that governs American society. These woman just gave life to another human and you want them to “bounce back”. Where’s the lists of fathers who gain weight and go bald?

  • Liz

    Yeah, Kristen Bell’s baby, Lincoln, is a girl.