Spotted: Gabby Sidibe Covers The HF Magazine

Spotted: Gabby Sidibe Covers The HF Magazine (Editorial Spread inside)

Gabourey Sidibe brings out her inner cover girl on the latest issue of The HF Magazine. The Academy Award nominated actress shows a bit of her style with a statement making feathered head piece and a sequined top (see last page).

It is nice to see Ms. Sidibe beyond the silver screen. The actress got a chance to share a bit about her career and personal hobbies. When asked what she’d be doing if she wasn’t an actress, she replied “Professional video game tester. That’s of course in the case that professional chocolate taster is unavailable”. Her humbleness and sense of humor is always refreshing and translates through her performances on screen. We are excited to see Gabourey’s career blossom and can’t wait to catch more of her fashion!

See more pics from the shoot on the following pages:

  • I think people need to learn to spell and pronounce this woman’s name. Lazy much?

  • Heat2Hot

    No, I don’t want to see anymore of this. This young lady is so obese that her neck has turned black and it’s not something that i’d like to see.


    I want to see more of her but in movies. She’s not a model, let’s be real.

  • RahTruth

    She’s too big. She’s a beautiful person, and very talented. But, I’m sure she can’t run up one flight of stairs without being out of breathe. It’s not about looks. It’s about health. If she wants to be around to make movies for years to come, she needs to trim down. Bottom line.

  • wildcherry666

    Come on people. Yall don’t have to clown. Beauty is in the eye of he beholder. 

  • I want to see more of her…in the movies and in magazines.  Why are all the images from the waist up?  Here story and her style are important.  She doesn’t need to be a model!  I would love to work with her to refine her brand of style so that she and the editors will feel confident enough to display Gabourey in all of her glory.  It’s a shame.