'Vogue' Can't Help: Kim Kardashian Allegedly Shunned Away By President Obama

‘Vogue’ Can’t Help: Kim Kardashian Allegedly Shunned Away By President Obama

Kim Kardashian out and about in SohoPhoto: TNYF/WENN

There’s a lot a Vogue cover can do for a celebrity, but it can’t make miracles.

On Wednesday Kim Kardashian attended the 20th anniversary of the USC Shoah Foundation, created by Steven Speilberg after making “Schindler’s List.” In addition to the acclaimed director, President Barack Obama was in attendance to accept the Ambassador for Humanity Award.

“[I’m] extremely passionate about getting people to acknowledge the Armenian genocide, and the foundation here has acknowledged 400 Armenian genocide survivors and gotten their testimony, and I’m really proud of that,” the reality star about her attendance. “And I’m here to represent the Armenians!”

According to reports, Kardashian was eager to meet the commander-in-chief despite his heavy Secret Service detail. But Obama wasn’t having it.

“Kim was let down and disappointed,” a source told Radar Online. “She didn’t understand why she just couldn’t say hello to him. Ever since landing the Vogue cover, her ego is even more out of control. In her mind, she and Kanye are more popular than the President Obama and the First Lady!”

Well then. Guess first impressions are everything and no one forgets a sex tape.


  • NYDoll2010

    This JOKE obviously forgot she insulted the First Lady in the past. She’s really uneducated and plain stupid. I like the way she says, “… and GOTTEN their testimony….” Gotten? Are you kidding? She probably rehearsed for months that 1 ONE sentence in the event she was asked why she brought her sad uneducated self to the event. What a JOKE! Too funny. I’m waiting for the day I read in the newspaper that SHE or her uneducated other-half is running for office! In her small mind she probably actually believes she’s making the world a better place. LOL