17 Of The Hottest Female Celebrities Who Have Gone Topless For Magazines



Remember that episode of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 1 ( they’re on Cycle 21 now…eek!) when Robin and Shannon just couldn’t bring themselves to do the nude photoshoot? It was such a risqué thing to do back then, and was usually only seen if an out-there celebrity, artsy model in a fashion editorial spread, or porn star did it. Boy, how times have changed. Nowadays celebrities going topless is just like picking up the mail in the afternoon – it’s just a thing that they all do.

Who would have ever thought we would see a reserved star like Lauren Conrad topless on the cover of Glamour or Jada Pinkett-Smith completely naked on the cover of Essence? Or Rihanna recently posing on the cover of French magazine Lui with her nips fully exposed – actually, rewind that, we totally expected that.

Check out the titillating photos of some of the hottest female celebs baring it all:




Photo: Rolling Stone

A classic recreated hundreds of time but no one could do it quite like Janet.

Rihanna Lui3

Photo: lui

Rihanna’s recent topless exposé got her Instagram account deleted. Too hot for the ‘gram.


Photo: VIBE

This shoot took place in the midst of Ciara making the move from B-list nobody to high fashion royalty.


Photo: Vanity Fair

Paula Patton is all topless and happy in her upcoming spread for Vanity Fair magazine post-split with Robin Thicke.


Photo: Sports Illustrated

Kate Upton’s magazine cover reign could not be stopped back in 2013, and she put the icing on the cake by being featured on SI’s coveted swimsuit issue.


Photo: V Magazine

Lady Gaga is no stranger to prancing around with her boobs out. However she didn’t just go topless for V magazine, she went full on nude and posed in body contorting poses that exposed everything for the camera. This one was the most tame.


Photo: VIBE

We’re drawn way more to Kelly’s face in this picture than the fact that she’s topless, which is probably a good thing.


Photo: Flaunt

Leighton Meester proved that she is not the preppy upper East-sider that her character on Gossip Girl‘s, Blair Waldorf, is. She got raunchy for Flaunt magazine and hasn’t looked back.


Photo: Allure

Keira Knightley looked like a red-hot siren on the cover of Allure.


Photo: Vanity Fair

Gisele poses topless and nude like very other day of the week, but we love how this one looks like she was caught off guard.


Photo: Glamour

That one time Lauren Conrad randomly went topless.


Photo: Essence

This was the one and only time Essence did a nude or topless cover and it was with mother of three, Jada Pinkett-Smith.


Photo: Esquire

Katy Perry went from small-town church girl to mega popstar vixen and what better way to solidify your hotness than going topless!


Photo: W

Although we’re not surprised that Kim K. went nude for the thousandth time, we actually love how artsy this cover is.


Photo: Rolling Stone

This was probably one of Miley’s breakthrough covers solidifying her newly-birthed ratchet girl persona. Complete with tongue out for good measure.


Photo: Marie Claire

Topless AND pregnant? Christina is bold.


Photo: GQ

Everyone wanted Jennifer Aniston to win after her whole debacle with Brad Pitt, and this cover pushed her back in the spotlight. No one expected this from her!



  • marshmallowjane

    I recently canceled my subscriptions of Vogue and W. They have too many ads. Since they both put Kim on the cover, I can no longer take them seriously as fashion mags. High fashion is now watered down by styles reminiscent of Frederick’s of Hollywood 20 years ago. CHEAP.

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