The L.A. Life: Street Style Edition - Funky Mama and Her Two Sons With Unbelievable Style!

The L.A. Life: Street Style Edition – Funky Mama & Her Two Sons With Unbelievable Flavor!

In Los Angeles, running into entertainers is an everyday occurrence. But it is not everyday that you come across a family like this. Looking like they just stepped out of vintage style heaven, this talented mother and her children caught our eye!

We loved her vibrant blouse and high rise denim pants, carrying the 1970’s into 2011 with a bang! As though this woman’s style isn’t awesome enough, we found out that she sings and plays piano as well. The cool gene trickled down to her well dressed children who play the drums and bass guitar. Insanely adorable, down to the matching Air Jordans! For all of you StyleBlazing mothers out there, how do you like to dress your little ones?

See another shot of her adorable Swagged out kids on the following page:

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