"How I Made It" Episode 3 - Bevy Smith

STYLEBLAZER WEB SERIES: “How I Made It” Episode 3 – Bevy Smith

Hey StyleBlazers, welcome to the third episode of our exclusive How I Made It online video series. In this series, we are shining the spotlight on fearless, original and inspirational women in the fashion and beauty industry.

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About This Episode

Known for her vivacious personality, exquisite taste and charm, Bevy Smith exudes confidence and epitomizes the modern business woman: fearless, free and focused on success.

Proud of her Harlem roots, Bevy discovered at a young age she was destined for a life in fashion. She describes candidly the moment when she realized style was in her DNA, "...when girls in my neighborhood started asking me would I take them shopping." It's only right that "the first girl in Harlem to wear a cat suit" would grow to become a high-powered fashion executive at Rolling Stone, fashion editor-at-large for VIBE, TV personality and now Social Media Maven. She is also the creator of "Dinner with Bevy," a brilliantly crafted dinner party series in which Bevy brings together influential people from across entertainment, fashion and media.

Adored and loved by all, Bevy Smith, a style icon in her own right tells us how she made it.

 Episode Credits

  • Original music by Kenneth Whalum III
  • Director: Jon Goff
  • Executive Producer: Liz Burr
  • Producer: Raven Carter
  • Associate Producer: Metanoya Webb
  • Associate Producer: Geo Hagan
  • Camera Operator: Leighton Pope
  • Sound: Yossera Bouchtia
  • Makeup: Mimi Kamara

  • Jarret Jackson

    A true trailblazer that continues to inspire!! Loved this and especially loved the original music!!

  • Guest

    LOVE her, and a total sweetheart in real life, too!

  • Gusto

    This a great series! BEAUTIFULLY shot!


    • Hellokitten

      She doesn’t have a twin sister. Stephanie is a year older.

  • Hellokitten

    Go Bev!

  • Awesome…fellow Harlem native I am so proud! 

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