Jamie Chung Talks The Evolution Of Her Style And T.J.Maxx

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Jamie Chung Talks The Evolution Of Her Style & Loving T.J.Maxx

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We spend a lot of time thinking about our bodies aging, but never about the clothes on it aging as well. However, it’s known fact that our styles often change and evolve over time. No one understands this better than a celebrity like Jamie Chung, who went from a 20-something reality star to a 30-something actress and blogger. Chung recently attended a T.J.Maxx Dress Yourself Event discussion panel based on a live fashion experiment where women of different age groups were allowed to pick pieces that spoke to their style. So, we caught up with Jamie Chung to get a little more insight on how her style has grown up with her age and her career. Check out what she told us below!


StyleBlazer: You’re a born and raised Cali girl, is there anything about your style you think gives that away?

Jamie Chung: I really like to keep things casual and effortless when it comes to my fashion choices, which I think is a true reflection of the Cali girl inside me. For example, I’ll pair distressed jeans and a white t-shirt with a standout red blazer and designer shoes to glam it up a bit.


SB: What sources of style inspiration did you look to growing up?

JC: My mother has always been an inspiration to me and has influenced my style. She has this incredible timeless style that exemplifies class. She has such a minimalist yet expressive approach to her fashion.


jamie chung momPhoto: Whatthechung.com

SB: How has your mother influenced your style?

JC: My mother has influenced my style in countless ways. She always encouraged me to be true to who I am through fashion, which really resonated and is something I pride myself on. You can love fashion without being a victim to it, it’s just about finding what works for you and makes you feel beautiful and confident. I aspire to have to have that classy and timeless look as I show off my more refined self.


SB: When did you start dressing yourself and why?

JC: My style has evolved over time but I have always stayed true to who I am, expressing my best self every step of the way. That said, I had that creative fashion spark as a child and started dressing myself pretty early on. My mother definitely encouraged me to use fashion as a form of expression early on, which carried on throughout my life. Whether experimenting with the latest trends during my teenage years or turning to quality designer pieces to show off my more refined style today, I’ve always turned to place like T.J.Maxx to find those pieces that are truly me.


SB: What would we never catch you in at 31 that you wore at 21?

JC: A super super mini skirt. Like the ones you see the girls wearing to clubs. I’m definitely long out of that stage.


SB: What do you think you’ll be wearing at 41?

JC: I think I’ll still turn to those key signature pieces to express myself, for example, I recently found this gorgeous 14K gold necklace at T.J.Maxx that I know I will continue to wear for years. I feel like it’s those quality pieces that express the person I’ve become and fit into the many facets of my life.

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