Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Wedding Invite Gets Leaked

The Kimye Wedding Invite Is Unexpectedly Understated

Kim Kardashian, Kanye WestPhoto: WENN

Still waiting on your wedding invite from Kim and Kanye? Us, too. (And we’re not holding our breath or anything.) But thanks to Us Weekly, all the non-Kardashian/West insiders can now get a look at the–we’ll be honest here–plain unexpectedly understated invite for the Kardashian-West wedding.

According to sources, the invites were dispatched to 100 guests in mid-April and were pretty scarce on the actual details. (Probably because they figured it would leak like this.) Considering what just happened with the world’s other most-talked about couple–Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator at the Met Gala while Beyonce stood by and didn’t really do anything–you can bet Kim and Kanye are going to be on drama lockdown at this wedding.

One public fact remains the same: The wedding is taking place on May 24 somewhere in Paris and guests better show up in black tie lest they face the disapproval of mommy dearest, Kris Jenner.

Head over to Us Weekly for their exclusive photo of Kim and Kanye’s wedding invite.