The Best Dress of 2011, Who Deserves the Crown: Rihanna, J.Lo, Halle, Solange or Beyoncé? (Vote Inside)

The Best Dress of 2011, Who Deserves the Crown: Rihanna, J.Lo, Halle, Solange or Beyoncé? (Vote Inside)

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2011 and usher in the new year. And you know there’s no way we could do that without recognizing the best dresses of 2011. Brace yourself StyleBlazers, we have something special in store.

After combing the fashion files, we’ve rounded up 13 stunning ladies in spectacular dresses. Although your favorites may differ from ours, I think we all can agree, the following red carpet looks were among the best of the year. Take your time flipping through the gallery below and be sure to let us know who’s frock you love the most. Bon voyage!   

  • Sallyone

    o here we go with all the pages to scroll thru…nope!


    Halle by far! 

  • lee lee

    Amber, Riri, Beyonce, and Halle!

  • Lis

    i liked solange cos her style is edgy and kerry washington. worst was kim k

  • givmeabrek

    My No# 1 pic would be Jada, then Kelly,Rhi Rhi, and then Mrs. Washington

  • Sepia830

    Thandie Newton dresses better than everyone on this list, but she’s not American so I guess she didn’t make the cut.  Halle’s looks beautiful yet boring at the same time.  She needs to push the envelope a little bit.  Jada and Rhianna shouldn’t be on this list.  I’m gonna give this one to Solange.

  • Poomaluv

    Kelly Rowland

  • stylesbyp

    Halle, rihanna, and kerry in that order

  • Steph

    Rihanna, Kerry, Amber, J-Lo, & Solange

    • Steph

      Kelly is after Amber…

  • Yes, I’m that Leah

    That is the baphomet sewn into the front of Beyonce’s black dress. ( devil mascot )

    • Guest

      Did you notice that the top portion of Rhianna’s earrings are a Pentagram?

  • BB

    Beyone. Solange. Halle

  • Lola

    Jennifer Lopez is always sharp!!

  • AD

    Jennifer Hudson is the best dressed here and the best dressed OF THE YEAR. That orange dress at the Oscars has the wow factor. She’s my favourite!

    • Niko_amistad

      rihanna is beautiful j-lo is not beautiful so follow me.

  • Anonymous

    Jlo, Halle of course, Kerry is super classy, Angelina’s Versace is gorgeous, Solange looks great here too…


    Amber Rose, Solange, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian, Kerri Washington,

    I loved Amber-Roses’ look…

  • Toya

    I really liked Solange RiRi

  • Rihanna!! i love her dress! then its solange!

    • Niko_amistad

      yes!big check!
      rihanna is great than j-lo

  • Justin90avery

    Kerry Washington

  • Guest

    Keri Hilson in red. Pow!!!!!

  • Clt111572


  • Niko amistad


  • La_Diva

    They said the best dressed for 2011 not just for the moment. All these ladies might look fabulous here but to be considered best dressed for an entire yr, you must stay consistant and there is only a few that have actually pulled it off….J.Lo, Halle, J Hudd, Kerry Wash and Jada…. In my opinion the rest have had their fails, oh and Amber Rose shouldnt even be on this list Period!!!!