StyleBlazer Survey: Who Gets Your Vote for Best Dressed Couple of 2011? (Jay & Bey, Gabby & D-Wade, Will & Jada?)

StyleBlazer Survey: Who Gets Your Vote for Best Dressed Couple of 2011? (Jay & Bey, Gabby & D-Wade, Will & Jada?)

This year we’ve seen tons of make ups and break ups in Hollywood but instead of focusing on that, let’s talk about what’s really important: their fashion. When couple’s step out together, they either perfectly compliment each others styles or they have drastically different ways of dress. Jay and Bey kept it cool while on vacation and as Beyonce outfitted her growing baby bump. Long time loves Will and Jada continued their reign on the red carpet and newcomers Lala and Carmelo Anthony made their presence officially felt by becoming the NBA’s hottest new married couple. And we saw everything in between from Wiz and Amber’s urban style to Swizz and Alicia’s casual threads.

Take your time flipping through the gallery below and be sure to let us know which couple gets your vote.

  • uniquefashionista

    My vote goes to Gabrielle Union and D. Wade. They are a good-looking couple with a lot of style. Will and Jada would be my second choice. What’s the deal with them? Are they still married, seperated, divorced? I hope they can keep it together.

    • Tannybabz

      i agree

    • Nini_poooh


    • Jelicia_p

      judging by these pics definitly wade & gabby…then will & jada

  • from the list, will and jada, hands down. there are others such as kimora and her husband, nicole ari parker and boris, john legend and his fiance, paula patton and robin thicke and phaedra and apollo, just to name a few.

  • I’m goping to say Gabby and D. Wade the rest outside of Will and Jada not so much. Not sure how TI and Tiny even made the list but ok.

  • Followmenow04

    Jay & Bey!! 

  • Jessicah171

    Definetly Jay and Bey… people stop hating and give jay and bey da props they deserve…….

  • Zowie_com

    Vote goes to Lala n Carmelo. Only couple that hasn’t had any fashion misses as of yet….that I know of.

  • chance

    TI and TINY got my vote. I always loved this couple. Not to many people give them their props. They are Bey and Jay of the south. Love these two. What happen to Toya and Memphis? just askin

  • DYN

    Gabby and D. Wade and Monica and Shannon

  • Meme

    My votes are T.I and Tiny and Monica and Shannon. I love these couples!!!!

  • jay z looks like a tired camel :/

  • does anyone else see it?

  • nick looks like he’s 35

  • poor must have some good if she aging him like that

  • Pd143

    Wade and Gabriel

  • Pd143

    I vote Wade and Gabriel first and Shannon and Monica second