"How I Made It" Episode 4 - Felita Harris

STYLEBLAZER WEB SERIES: “How I Made It” Episode 4 – Felita Harris

Hey StyleBlazers, welcome to the fourth episode of our exclusive How I Made It online video series. In this series, we are shining the spotlight on fearless, original and inspirational women in the fashion and beauty industry.

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About This Episode

She’s elegant, poised and about her business, and according to Felita Harris, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Donna Karan International, belief is to thank for her successful career in fashion. “I learned to be comfortable, grateful and thankful for the moment—I believed that I would not let myself down,” admits the tenacious fashion executive who got her start at Neiman Marcus back in 1996 and since then has worked with Armani, Nordstrom and Piazza Sempione.

Harris was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but spent her primitive years in Pisa, Italy, the land she attributes to igniting her serious spark for fashion.

“You have what you say. How you view yourself is probably how it is,” says the proud mother who calls both Donna Karan’s New York City offices and her New Jersey residence, home. “I’m really proud that I didn’t give up and trusted that small voice inside of me that said ‘try.'”

In this episode, the fashion merchandising authority, candidly describes how she made it.

Episode Credits

  • Original music by Kenneth Whalum III
  • Director: Jon Goff
  • Executive Producer: Liz Burr
  • Producer: Raven Carter
  • Associate Producer: Metanoya Webb
  • Associate Producer: Geo Hagan
  • Camera Operator: Leighton Pope
  • Sound: Yossera Bouchtia
  • Makeup: Mimi Kamara
  • Hair: Pat Sumpter-Davis

Felita Harris

  • Open Heart

    She’s Gorgeous!  I love that she followed her dreams and did her thing!

  • Sclark

    She is amazing and a true example of what someone can accomplish if they believe in themselves!

  • Naphsia03

    she’s beautfiul!!

  • Kjenkins9283

    Simply flawless! 

  • Ray

    Wow! congratulations on your success felita, you are a young beautiful successful hard working lady everything you could ask for in a woman. Wow!

  • jen937

    So inspiring!

  • I interned for her at Donna Karan in 2010, she truly is an amazing person and has always been a positive African American woman in fashion that I admire and always will.

  • Tiabee

    Truly inspiring, and so impressive, her obvious style and poise, loves it!!!

  • C. Young

    I stumbled upon this site from Huffingtonpost.  I am very glad I did.  I love this series.  Its very much like watching a documentary.  It has given me hope.  I especially loved Felita Harris’ interview.  I work in the legal corporate world and I adore fashion, it was what she didn’t say that resonated with me and the words she did use, “seamless, home, office, loving what you do, wanting to give more and honoring your self”…very important words of wisdom.  Thanks Ms. Harris and  StyleBlazer you made my day with Kenneth Whalums music as background.  I’ve always loved his music.  Great series.

  • EvonnaDivine

    This was a great series. Ms. Felita Harris really spoke to me as a young professional in the fashion industry. Especially when she spoke about being grateful and thankful in the moment, so that you may be prepared for that next step. Hearing these women speak about there journey is truly inspiring. This really gives me the courage to know that Black women have been and can be successful in this industry with style, poise and sophistication!

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