StyleBlazer Beauty: No More Chapped Lips! Here's A Lip Regimen To Beat The Harsh Cold Temps

StyleBlazer Beauty: No More Chapped Lips! A Lip Regimen For Beating The Harsh Cold Temps

These past few days in New York have been comparable to the images we have seen of the Ice Age, just without the ice. Temperatures like these, down in the teens qualify for lots of clothing layers to be worn, but we can’t neglect to adjust our beauty regimen to suit this cold weather.

Chapped lips are a nasty predicament we all have to deal with for this time of the year, but don’t fret, we have some easy solutions to keep your pretty pout desirable despite the freezing environment.

1. Water: Some Hydrogen and Oxygen always does the trick. Drinking water through out the day keeps the body nourished and healthy to produce supple, soft skin. But you know that already. A good alternative to drinking ice water is having large mugs of tea with minimal sweetener in the colder months.

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