Brand to Watch: DGFU Clothing - There's More To a Name

Brand to Watch: DGFU Clothing – There’s a LOT to a Name

We came across this cool clothing brand when we asked its founder Jayce B. Sadler to model for a recent StyleBlazer shoot. He showed up wearing a tank-top with the bold acronyms “DGFU” splashed across the front. Obviously we had to ask what the name meant, and we cracked up like crazy when he told us it stood for:
“Don’t Get F**ked Up.”

We think it’s a great statement, and even better, a really cool phrase to live by.
The nascent brand was started in 2010 and consists of tees, tanks, undies and more. See more pics of the brand on the following pages:

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    I need this brand in my life!

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    Who is this guy???

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    awww @btisme:twitter

  • Sarah lee

    you sound mad! God Bless you!