StyleBlazer Beauty: Get Flawless Golden Legs Like Brandy…Even in Winter (Find out How to Inside!)

So what’s a diva to do when a sudden burst of mild weather hits in the winter and she wants to show off her statuesque stems? Break out the self-tan. Yes, self-tan!

I know we’re already brown but the smoother, more even color and glow you’ll get from a kit like St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Golden Glow is worth the few odd looks you may get when you pull this out in front of your roommate. The kit has everything you need for lovelier legs. The Bronzing Mousse is super easy to apply and makes no mess; simply squeeze a little onto the accompanying mitt and rub into freshly moisturized skin. Within minutes you’ll be ready to go, just be sure to not get your legs wet for four hours. Apply the Skin Illuminator in gold for a fresh sparkly glow. Then thank us for your new traffic-stopping gams.


Turn the page to get the self-tanning kit


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  1. says:

    I did this over the summer. It’s better than body makeup, especially if you have a few blemishes or are of a certain age.

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