StyleBlazer Beauty: Tika Sumpter's Yellow and Pink Makeup at the 'Red Tails' NY Premiere (Haute or Not?)

StyleBlazer Beauty: Tika Sumpter’s Yellow and Pink Makeup at the ‘Red Tails’ NY Premiere (Haute or Not?)

There’s no denying that Tika Sumpter is drop-dead gorgeous, but even the best styled diva can have an off day.

For the New York City premiere of the movie, Red Tails, the actress paired bold matte yellow eyeshadow with Barbie pink lipstick, and dramatic reddish-brown brows.  Perhaps she was channeling her inner-Nicki Minaj? Either way, you decide.

StyleBlazers, is Tika’s makeup Haute or Not? Turn the page to see more shots

P.S. Adore the fit!

  • Emy

    if you cover up her (weird) eyebrows it looks really nice and refreshing. Tired of the usual neutral face/neutral lip or smokey eye/red lip combos that everyone and their mom likes to rock on the red carpet.  And she definitely toned it down compared to the foolishness nicki likes to paint on her face. just saying

  • Tika can do no wrong in my eyes.. She is my muse.. simply gorgeous. I would tone down the brows though.

  • co-signing the brows comments. otherwise she looks gorgeous.

    • Mspellegrino27

      Beautiful sister

  • Dafra Sanou

    Beautiful… besides the brows, as stated by others.

  • She looks cute.