Solange Deletes Beyonce From Her Instagram, Jay Z and Bey Act Normal

Solange Deletes Beyonce From Her Instagram And Maybe Her Life

solange-beyPhoto: WENN

We’re sure you all heard the news yesterday, but in case you’re totally out of it, news broke that at a Met Gala after party at The Standard Hotel, Solange went crazy on Jay Z and attacked him in an elevator while Beyonce stood by basically doing nothing. Today, multiple sources are reporting that Solange Knowles has deleted every single picture of her and Beyonce from her Instagram account except for one random one. Her actions are most likely giving the conspiracy theorists a field day, and leaving all of us rational folk who were holding out hope that this is all some sort of a big joke left scratching our heads.

Meanwhile, as Solange was sneakily deleting her sister from her life via Instagram, back in Brooklyn, Jay and Bey were all “NBD” and stepped out to support the Brooklyn Nets in their NBA Playoffs game like nothing even happened. Possibly acting under the idea that ignoring a problem makes it go away, the couple seemed to enjoy their time at the game, chatting it up with Lebron and just being their normal selves. Well as normal as Jay Z and Beyonce can ever be.

But what does it all mean? Clearly Solange is still PISSED about something, but Beyonce is standing by her man–literally and figuratively. Since none of them have actually said anything yet, the public is left to wonder what’s really going down. But you know what they say–actions speak louder than words, so right now it’s looking like Solange vs. The Knowles-Carters.