Damon Dash Calls Solange A 'Fighter': Was Rachel Roy To Blame For The Elevator Fight?

Damon Dash Calls Solange A ‘Fighter’: Was Rachel Roy To Blame For The Elevator Fight?

Rachel Roy; Solange KnowlesPhoto: WENN

There’s a lot of speculation as to what caused the Jay Z, Solange Knowles fight in the elevator. But one can only look to the past for indicators as to what happened.

Us Weekly revealed this morning that Jay Z wasn’t the first person Solo confronted that night. Earlier in the evening, she allegedly got into an argument with Rachel Roy and her entourage, but there was no word as to what it was about. While reports are trying to piece together how their friendship fell apart, we have an idea.



Rachel Roy and Damon DashPhoto: PNP/WENN

Roy, who was previously married to Damon Dash, was connected to Solange via the fashion world and Jay Z’s relationship with Damon. It’s a known fact in the Hip Hop world that Jay Z had relations with rival Nas’ ex-girlfriend (the mother of his first daughter) and he allegedly had a relationship with Aaliyah, who was dating Dash at the time of her death in 2001. So he’s no stranger to dating or entertaining the wrong women.


Damon Dash IGPhoto: Instagram


On Monday, soon after the news broke, Dash Instagrammed the above message, seemingly co-signing Solange’s actions. He says about the singer, “I am actually impressed with her independent spirit… she seems like a fighter.”

With all that said, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility that Jay and Roy interacted and may have connected in a less than appropriate way. That could have angered Solo and she felt the need to defend her sister, Beyonce. While this is all speculation, we do find it odd that Solange confronted both individuals in the same night, having a close connection with the former Roc-A-Fella Records partner.

Honestly, we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes out. But in the meantime, the truth is in the IG.

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