Is That A Mullet? Shailene Woodley Adds Odd Hair Extension For ‘InStyle’



We’ve haven’t seen a good mullet since the early 1990s, but every once in a while someone will attempt the style. Joining the list of celebrities is Shailene Woodley who rocks one for her June InStyle spread.

Wearing a mix of prints from Mary Katrantzou, Dolce & Gabbana and Christopher Kane the 22-year-old looks fashion forward– expect in the hair department. For whatever reason they added an extension to the base of her scalp to create a mullet. A few weeks ago Woodley cut her hair into a trendy crop, but this… it ain’t it.


shailenePhoto: Giampaolo Sgura/InStyle
Shailene Woodley Instyle2Photo: Giampaolo Sgura/InStyle

In the interview she talks about her ambivalence to fashion and the last time she went shopping for clothing.

On high fashion: “I always used to roll my eyes at high fashion. But I have a new appreciation of it as an art form. Food and fashion are similar for me. How do you keep creating new things out of a set amount of materials?”

On her spending habits: “I’m not into heels and still not into dresses, but I respect the creativity behind it. [I haven't] bought a piece of clothing in a year or two.”

Clearly, it rules to be a starlet and get clothing for free all the time. Read more of the interview, here.

Flip through the next pages to see the most epic mullets in Hollywood history.


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