Oprah Beamed in Green at the Inaugural Graduation for her Leadership Academy for Girls (South African Style at its Best)

South African Style at its Best: Oprah Beamed in Green at her Leadership Academy for Girls Graduation

Oprah Winfrey was beaming in green at the inaugural graduation for her Leadership Academy for Girls in Henley on Klip, South Africa. The graduates were very excited about their accomplishments and ecstatic to celebrate with Ms. Winfrey.  Though fashion was the least of her concerns at such a joyous occasion, always stylish with a touch of grace, Oprah wore a beautiful silk emerald dress with a earth-tone tasseled belt.

She founded the Leadership Academy for Girls in January 2007 in an effort to provide leadership and educational opportunities for gifted girls from impoverished backgrounds. “I’m one proud momma today, I always held the vision that this day was possible,” Oprah said at the celebration.

Congratulations to Oprah and everyone at the Leadership Academy for Girls on your first graduating class. Turn the page for more pics.

  • Wuluwulu


  • Naffy

    Looks like all the girls got professional hair and make up.  They look great!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not knocking what Oprah does in Africa and overseas…But I’d respect her more if she built a school or two here in the USofA…

    • America has many philanthropists don’t you think…?
      Oprah has done and is still doing A LOT for the underprivileged children and adults here in U.S, so she doesn’t need to build a school here to showcase that. Maybe you should be the change you wish to see dear, and walk in the steps of Oprah by donating your dollars and services to better your community and country. She can’t do it alone! CONGRATS TO OPRAH & THE GRADS!

    • Annelli

      Whenever there is a “but” in a suppose to be compliment, it’s not really a compliment at all. Oprah has done so much for Blacks in American…did you not see her last show where she had all those black men whom were graduates of some of the top African American colleges here in the USA walk across her stage to give thanks for her support and effort? People are always somewhere complaining and talking about what this person should do and what they shouldn’t do YET if most blacks where in Oprah’s shoes they wouldn’t be a fraction as giving as she is—esp. black women as they are the worse group of women I have ever worked with and for (YES I am black)–they moment they get in a position of power they don’t know how to act and conduct themselves, they are often unfair, bitter and jealous. Now I know that’s not all black women, but  the ones I have worked for or with have been that way.

      In my eyes, Oprah is perfect at giving, she is perfect at understanding the human being and she has my respect.

      • Ice Cube, Ludacris, Snoop and a wide range of rappers/hip hop stars are gangsters….they address themselves as such too and fill their videos with gang ensembles, so where did Oprah go wrong in this scenario? Ice Cube recently dropped some of his old habits & cleaned up b/c he said he’ll like to shine a positive light on black males and also be positive role models for young black youths (notably those in inner cities). Luda is cleaning up little by little while Snoop is still Snoop; so it looks like you dislike Oprah for no apparent reason, which is fine….but at least be honest and fair with what you say about her. Better yet, if there’s a job you feel that she left undone, finish it since you are quite passionate about humanitarian work. 

  • K2012Yaa

    I am soo proud of these girls for making history….this will inspire soo many lives in their communites, the ripple effect 20years from now is a true blessing wow, all cuz of Oprah((((crying))))) i wanna be like Oprah, in Jesus’name

  • Annelli

    This is so wonderful!! The girls look beautiful and so does Oprah..she is truly about up lifting and bonding the human spirit.