12 Celebrity Hairstyles We Want To Steal For Ourselves

Editors’ Picks: Celebrity Hairstyles We Want To Steal For Ourselves

editors-picks-celebrity-hairstylesLet’s start with a simple truth: Inspiration can strike at any moment. Perhaps you see an interesting piece of street art on your walk home, or read a particularly relevant quote in a magazine you picked up on a whim. And even though inspiration is often random and spontaneous, there are some things that are meant to be inspiring. Take celebrities, for example. They have the best clothes, the best makeup, the best cars–you name it. That’s why we’ve dedicated this week’s Editors’ Picks to the celebrities with hair that inspires us.

From Janet Jackson’s 90s braids to Blake Lively’s beach waves of today, click through to find out which celebrity hairstyles the StyleBlazer editors are ready–and willing–to steal.