It’s No Secret: 15 White Celebrities Who Wear Weaves

  • smittyt

    It’s nothing wrong with wearing weaves at least when white women wear weaves they wear weaves that look like their natural hair.Black women on the other hand wear weaves that any fool can see it is not her real hair.Because no black woman was born with blond,(cherry strawberry red hair) and even even pink hair that hang all the way down to her @ss.Black women be looking like circus clowns and they could careless about it.

    • missj2u

      hater troll u need to die

    • =)

      I’m sick of black men acting and sounding like queens. REAL MEN don’t give a damn how a woman’s hair looks or what color it is, as long as she looks decent in his eyes. Black fools like you are just desperate for a reason to tear down black women. Save that ignorant c00ny bs.

      • guest

        Youre crazy if you believe that. Real men care about how the women they choose to be seen with in public look period unless he’s a hood rat too. Stop telling yourself li es trying to justify your need for h0rse hair. Now if your just a jump wear all the lace fronts and weaves you want. I don’t plan on seeing you with the lights on that much anyway

        • =)

          You…are…reaching. Like I said “….as long as she looks decent in HIS eyes”. If it’s not your head or your woman it’s not your business. No need to drag ALL black women into your rants about weave cause we don’t all wear weave. And not every woman who wears weave looks ridiculous. STFU and have a seat. You’re just desperate for a reason to talk down on black women. If it’s not weave, it’s something else with you c00ns.

    • ThatDude

      LOL Only f a g s and hatin white bytches be worried about what you talking about.

    • Kitty

      What rock do you live under as to where you’re under the impression no black people have blonde or red hair or that black women don’t have hair that hang all the way down to their butts? You’re all types of ignorant & arrogant for this.

    • smittyt

      I love my black women. I worship them.

    • datdudemike

      Alot of white women are born With brown hair and bleach it and dye it All colours too

      • A818

        So do black women.

    • A818

      yes. Black women look like buffoons wearing hair texture clearly that is not their own.

  • BlackFrench

    They will tell you that it’s not a weave but “extensions”.

    • =)

      And let black men tell it….”Non black women don’t wear weave.”

      • guest

        Let it go. It looks cheap and n asty on them too.

    • £

      White women invented weaves and you’re right, they just call them extentions instead!

  • PolkaDots

    Yes, WHITE WOMEN WEAR WEAVES – this isn’t new. Now let’s all go to the salon and get a blow out.

    • MacingFacing

      Something they can never manipulate. See you there next Saturday!

  • ♕ OliVi@ ♕

    Newsflash(sarcasm): women from all backgrounds, ethnicities or races wear weaves or other types of extensions, this is not new or shocking, moving along

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