Kate Middleton's 10 Most Embarrassing Style Moments

10 Embarrassing Style Moments Kate Middleton Will Regret


Kate Middleton hardly misses a beat when it comes to fashion or conduct in the public eye. Unfortunately, the Duchess recently found herself the subject of gossip after photos of her bare backside were published by a German newspaper. Although we’re sure royal couple officials will soon take legal action, here are 10 embarassing moments we’re sure Kate Middleton will want to forget.

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We don’t understand why someone with such a tiny frame would cinch her waist even more with a belt.

Kate Middleton
Photo: WENN

This is a beautiful shade of blue, but the boots make it look as though she can’t decide whether to dress for summer or winter.

Kate Middleton leaving Boujis nightclub
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The velour jacket and belt are just…no.

Kate Middleton
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We hope Kate was on her way to a Halloween party, because this ensemble is all kinds of wrong.

Kate Middleton
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White pants should never be worn on a rainy day.

Kate Middleton gets a parking ticket
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There’s just too much going on here between the patterned tights, checkered skirt and leather gloves.

Kate Middleton
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Kate made the wrong shoe choice with these peek-a-boo heels.

Kate Middleton
Photo: WENN

The ruffles at the bottom of Kate’s dress make it look like a tablecloth.

Kate Middleton

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We think Kate has one too many pairs of white skinny jeans and black boots.


Photo: WENN

If she was going for cowboy chic, it sadly did not work.


    Trust me, compare to her past style, I’ve seen worse! You think I’m making it up? Come and have a walk through West Bromwich and Small Heath ahahahahahaha But everybody has their slip-ups when it comes to getting it right.

  • bellawings

    Who gives an entire F? Because someone has individuality and doesn’t feel the need to always conform to what others feel is acceptable or desired doesn’t mean they lack style. This site and other ‘fashion’ mags are led by a bunch of caddy sheep who would follow the masses into the abyss of he11. Get a grip and stop critiquing women so much about their looks and choices.

  • LeeLeeC

    Look at her husband he’s nothing to look at…tacky attracts tacky

  • PolkaDots

    I really don’t understand why people think she is suppose to be the epitome of fashion and style — she had to be GROOMED like all the royals.

    • Veronica Vautour

      She turned down the groomers and the dressers. She was confident enough to do things her own way and she’s doing just fine. She dresses age-appropriately and makes no bones about wearing items to public functions more than once.

      • PolkaDots

        I didn’t know she didn’t have a stylist…I still don’t believe she epitomizes style. I think a lot has to do with the fact that she is ROYALTY and she is well LIKED by the public so she gets this CAN DO NO WRONG barrier of protection around her movements (in style and otherwise.)

  • Flyn2hi

    All the style stuff going on with black folks and you people choose a brit and her style moments? Know your audience…

    • Reaver

      That’s how it always is… Lots of major world problems and we’d rather focus on the way the royals or dressing or who they’re marrying

  • stopbeingsomeantoeveryone

    I thought she looked great in everything she wore. Why not have fun with your wardrobe? Let her wear what SHE wants to wear and not what YOU want her to wear.

  • GMort

    Nothing she wears will erase the image of her bare bottom at numerous official engagements. There’s nothing tackier than making the same offensive wardrobe “malfunction” over and over again. I feel sorry for you, Great Britain.

  • Karen Cox Callahan

    If I remember right, she was at a party at a roller rink. So that is a totally appropriate outfit on the roller skating rink.

  • Magdalena Magdalena

    She is lovely. what ever she is wearing, why do you condon her because she is not wearing what you want her to wear??? Agree with you bellawings… 100 %..

  • Underdog

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Fashionista Columnist, but really don’t think Kate is regretting much these days……nor should she. As someone posted above even on her st day, she’s way better than most.
    Get a life Lady!

  • Katie

    I think that people are being to critical of what Kate wears. Obviously William fell in love with her despite what she wore. He Obviously that she was beautiful. Does it really matter what we think as long as he think she is beautiful. What we wear does not make us who we are it is what is on the inside that counts. I think people just need to start leaving Kate alone. She absolutely beautiful.

  • JPC

    Just how are these examples “embarassing”? I think the bare bottom photos are far more “embarassing” – these seem fine by comparison. So Kate is conservative stylewise – that is her style, her taste and certainly no huge revelation. The third outfit was for an 80’s roller disco themed evening to raise money for a charity, so it was spot on! Maybe Nicole Brown you should actually put a bit of time into your work and consider where the subject is and what they are doing before passing comment on their clothing choices – instead of simply trawling the internet looking for pictures to pass judgement on. Sloppy work Ms Brown!

  • Jim Smith

    Snide comments from a journalist who clearly lacks the ability the find a story in this crazy busy world

  • Sheila Mitchell

    I think she looks better in some of those outfits than in the granny dresses she wears now.

  • Rena Damery

    Why are people so hard on Katie. Hasn’t there been enough damage done to Princess Dianna. Katie is a very beautiful person, regardless of what she wears. She hasn’t done anything to make the royal family look bad. People should be focusing more on all the good things Katie has been doing. Just leave her alone, we do not need a repeat of Princess Dianna.

  • Olegunny

    Ever been to Oscar nite in LA. There you can see some outfits that make Kate’s look perfect.

  • Stella

    I thought she looked great in all the photos. She was obviously having fun in her youth. I just unearthed some of my photos and for the time and place they were snapped, I looked great. I wish I could say the same about the person that writes this kind of article. It appears you lack talent in finding a relevant subject to write about. Relevancy is where your attention should be. Get another hobby.

  • Jmorgan

    The writer is really reaching here. Kate looks fine in all these photos, except for perhaps the sequin green top and sport shorts number, but I would be willing to bet that there was a reason for that; like a costume party, as was intimated. What the article actually do do, is reveal the writer, Nicole Brown, to be a critical, negative, and small minded individual, willing to bring down another women for the sake of her ridiculous article. We should be celebrating strong, creative, and unique women, not tearing them down based on our own opinions of what is and isn’t fashionable. Poor form.

  • jaytone

    Why cant you LEAVE HER ALONE, stop hounding her like the media did with Diana, she is entitled to a life. She is entitled to the same privilages as the rest of us, she can wear what the hell she wants and who are you to say it is wrong. GO DO A JOB WORTH DOING,

  • Jon

    I clicked here from another link, but seriously, is this what passes as journalism these days? What utter crap, whats wrong with what she is wearing? People are dying of Ebola and god knows what and this is what were subjected to!

  • Susan Belamcanda-Bengals

    what a ridiculous statement, she looks great in anything, as for regrets, I very much doubt it!!!

  • Anthony O’Hara

    From a male perspective, HRH would look cute wearing a burlap sack! That is to say, she is beautiful, graceful and charming. Also from a male perspective, this article just comes across as jealous and bitchy.

  • KS

    The only embarrassing moment is for the misguided author of this article—and her lame attempt at trying to smear a classy princess.

  • Valerie Nell Cameron

    On every single photo, I found myself saying, “That’s it? That’s all you’ve got on her?” You guys are really reaching. Get your freakin nose out of the air.

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