StyleBlazer Beauty: Are You Surprised that Nicole Richie Doesn’t Know How To Apply Her Own Makeup?

Makeup is a must for many, but a complete non factor to even the most glamourous of girls—Nicole Richie being one of them. The red carpet darling recently told In Style, “I actually don’t know how to put makeup on at all.” The House of Harlow designer only owns 3 products: under eye concealer,  mascara, and a eyelash curler.

It’s so hard to believe that Nicole wouldn’t know a thing or two about applying makeup, but when you’re a star and have the professionals at your beck and call, it makes perfect sense. The mom of two redeems herself  by sharing that she can in fact, do her own hair!

There’s no way that  us beauty junkies could survive with just 3 measly products—there’s so much great makeup to choose from!

Tell us StyleBlazers, what are the top three beauty products that you can not  live without?


Tunisia Z. Wilson

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