StyleBlazer Approved: LL Cool J To Host The Grammys (Peep the Ageless Star's Style Evolution)

StyleBlazer Approved: LL Cool J To Host The Grammys (Peep the Ageless Star’s Style Evolution)

It was just announced that LL Cool J will be the host of next month’s Grammy Awards. This is the first time in seven years the ceremony will have an official host. We’re excited to see what LL will bring to the broadcast besides his lickable lips. He’s certainly come a long way from being the Kangol wearing rapper to a respected actor on one of television’s highest rated dramas. We’ve seen him grown as a performer and we’ve also witnessed his style change over the years. Check out our favorite snapshot of the rapper (who never seems to age) in the gallery below.


  • Hottness

    He is like 43 or 42 not 70.. so yeah he still should look good…

  • diva

    LL cool j will never see 42 or 43 anymore he is at least 45-46yrs old with all the botox and surgery he is getting he is trying to stay relevant in the industry i wonder which male he slept with to host the awards show.

    • I’m sure almost all celebrities have botox so we shouldn’t judge LL cool j for being in trend.
      Nobody would contact him to host the grammys  if he would be an ugly, fat and old man.
      Anyone would have some botox just to be the host of such a big event or at least that’s my opinion.

  • Honut Sinti

    Well, all I know is that with proper coin, all things are possible.

  • LynnG

    Why doesn’t he work out his skinny lower legs. He looks so weird all buff up top and lower legs looks like the belong to Soulja Boy.  Well,,,,,,I guess top fine is better than no fine. LOL

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