11 Of Hollywood's Finest Freckled Faces

The Fabulous Freckled Faces Of Hollywood Females


There’s one thing that everybody with freckles knows: as sure as these little melanin spots stand out more in the sun, somebody is always going to point them out (usually to say how lovely they are). But freckles weren’t always seen in such a good light; back in the day–we’re talking way, way back–having freckles meant you spent too much time outside in the sun, aka you were low class. But today’s famous freckled faces are anything but.

Interestingly enough, Hollywood has a significant lack of extremely freckled faces (see here for an example). Most of the female ladies with freckles have a light dusting across the tops of their faces, which, while still beautiful presents an interesting question. Is there a freckle problem in Hollwyood?

Many celebs choose to cover up their freckles on the regular, thinking it looks better to be photographed without them, but these 11 celebs prove differently. Click through to see some of the finest freckled females in the entertainment world.

Bérénice Bejo


Photo: WENN

Erin Heatherton


Photo: WENN

Lindsay Lohan


Photo: WENN

Tyra  Banks


Photo: WENN

Lucy Liu


Photo: WENN

Olivia Munn


Photo: WENN

Lily Cole


Photo: WENN

Stacey McKenzie


Photo: Facebook

Devon Aoki


Photo: WENN

America Ferrera


Photo: WENN

Rashida Jones


Photo: WENN

  • MiaSara

    I’m a freckle face! I have the perfect spread, not too many and well placed, lol!
    Guys LOVE them for some reason.

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