Top 11 Looks From Mindy Kaling's Instagram

Top 11 Looks From Mindy Kaling’s Instagram

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Actress. Executive producer. Funny pants. Style icon? Well, if her Instagram is any indication, you bet. Fans of The Mindy Project tune in every week to find out what color-wonderful ensemble Mindy Kaling’s stylists have outfitted her in, but fans of Mindy’s social media persona know that behind the celebrity fangirling and hilarious selfie captions is a burgeoning fashion collector. Regularly decked in the sophisticated stylings of Kate Spade, Tory Burch and Stella McCartney—as well as funkier finds like Wildfox Couture and Miu Miu—Mindy has assembled one of the celeb world’s most covetable closets. From pajama-chic to red carpet glam, we’ve compiled our 10 favorite looks from Mindy’s Instagram.

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