StyleBlazer Approved: Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer Get Glammed Up for February's W Magazine

StyleBlazer Approved: Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer Get Glammed Up for February’s W Magazine

“I’ll go to an audition or a meeting in a pretty dress and they still think of me as depressed or embattled. Hopefully, that will change”, says Viola Davis on being type casted.   And with these upcoming takes from W Magazine, we can’t see why it wouldn’t change.

Looking neither “depressed” or “embattled,” we’ve never seen Viola Davis or Octavia Spencer like this before. Looking fashion forward and gorgeous, the two stars of The Help are featured in W Magazine‘s “Best Performance Issue” for February.  Both women were brilliant in the film, with Octavia Spencer receiving a Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe, and Viola Davis winning Best Actress at Critics’ Choice this award season.

It’s great that W Magazine sought to capture the glamour of both actresses in their golden hour. With more polished opportunities like these, spotlighting the full range of their beauty, the overcast from being type casted will rise so they can shine even more.  Take a peek at each actress’ W Mag shot below.


Do you think Viola and Octavia successfully shed their downtrodden type casts for full on diva in these shots?


-Tunisia Z. Wilson

  • Great photos for these talented actresses.

  • FineTuned

    They look stunning!!!! Can’t wait to see this issue when it comes out. I wish them luck at the Oscars!!!!

  • Sstround

    I never comment on websites but i had to comment on this one, they look gorgeous, and they are beautiful talented black women. They have always been even before their role in “The Help”, which was a GREAT movie



  • Jess

    They look gorgeous

  • K2012Yaa

    Bravo ladies brava!!!!!
    Comgrats on all fronts, Ill buy this issie even though its a pricey Magazine

  • 3sona

    Looking beautiful ladies!!! Good luck at the Oscars.

  • Wordblaze

    yall left out another sister from this photoshoot…newcomer Adepero Oduye who not only KILLED her role in the breakout film Pariah…she looked GORGEOUS in this photoshoot!

  • LadyLark