StyleBlazer Certified: Alternative Pop Sensation, Santigold, Drops Hot New Video “Big Mouth” (Watch Inside!)

Everyone’s favorite rapping/singing genre bending artist is back! Last week Santigold dropped the latest single with its accompanying video, “Big Mouth.” In some magical sweltering dessert, Santi confronts the chatterboxes and air heads that are all over pop culture right now. We don’t think that it’d be a stretch of the imagination to say that animated version of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Lindsey Lohan get the business in this squiggly clip.

On the style tip, Santi rocks a black leather ensemble as she jams out with her back up dancers on this heavily drummed beat, and her two-toned tresses are dip-dyed on so on trend. We love this super talented lady and can’t wait for the album. Peep the video below and download a copy of the track here on Santi’s website.


Turn the page to watch the video


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  1. says:

    this is 1 wack video!!!

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