StyleBlazer Survey: Did Tracee Ellis Ross Look Haute or Should She Have Gotten Some Fashion Advice From Her Girlfriends?

One of our favorite fashion forward ladies, Tracee Ellis Ross, recently helped announce the nominees and categories for the 43RD NAACP IMAGE AWARDS at a live press conference in Beverly Hills, CA,. While Ross has been known to kill the red carpet, the jury is still out on her choice for this event. Ponytail and bang, black sheer and coral print with black pumps?

What do you think StyleBlazers? Did she go hard or should she have stayed home?

Qimmah A. Saafir-Dobaria

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  • journeygirl9508

    that looks horrid.  Come one Tracee!

  • malsings07

    Yikes! what’s up Tracee couldn’t find anything to wear?

  • Vbailey512

    RED is not your color i like u, blue and green