StyleBlazer TV Exclusive: Idris Elba and Celebrity Stylist Rosie Philidor Talk 2012 Golden Globes + Idris' Feelings on Fashion (A MUST-SEE!)

StyleBlazer TV Exclusive: Idris Elba and Celebrity Stylist Rosie Philidor Talk 2012 Golden Globes + Idris’ Feelings on Fashion (A MUST-SEE!)


Celebrity stylist, Rosie Philidor, granted StyleBlazer exclusive access into her client and recent Golden Globe recipient, Idirs Elba’s, hotel room on the morning of the 2012 awards, for a in depth look at what the A-List actor would be wearing to the premiere Hollywood event. Philidor had everything from sleek Tom Ford and Armani ties, to studded Christian Louboutin kicks and a vintage 1950s Rolex on deck, in preparation for the Luther star’s memorable night.

“How you look says a lot about who you are.” advises Elba. And judging from the dapper threads he’s often spotted in, on and off the red carpet, we’ve concluded that the veteran actor is serious about his fashion choices. “Rosie is a great stylist and has impeccable taste,” gushes Elba in his hypnotic British accent. “She makes it easy for me, someone who doesn’t like a stylist, to work with her.”

Take a peek at some of Idris’s best style moments in the gallery below. BONUS: Ladies, it’s hard to get tired of staring at this divine chocolate fella.

  • Ladyluck

    Love this black man.

    • Precious

      I love him too 😉 I had no idea he had an accent! I don’t care either way, i’m not one of those people that’s into that kind of thing I just had no clue!

      • Anonymous

        America is not the only place where there are some fine chocolate black men!  These gorgeous brothers are all over the world!!! Yes ma’am!!  You better know that!

  • Solegirl

    Idris is always looks great on and off camera! His stylist has amazing taste!! She is beautiful as well!!

  • Guest

    I would REALLY HAVE A HARD TIME maintaining a professional relationship with this dude…I don’t know how she does it.

    • Alphamagne

      she doesn’t he probably hit that a thousand times

      • Adriennebarriere

        wow really…

  • Elsie

    I love this video. I love me some Idris. His stylist made him look dapper @ the Globes! Loved his look!

  • he is soooooo fine.  Love me some him!

  • Sfran

    So in love!

  • Anonymous

    I love that accent. I hope he doesn’t keep losing his hair. 🙁

    • I CAN’T

      Co-sign.   That man is GONE B GOOD no matter what

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Idris!!! That man is handsome!!!

  • I so love him!!!! He is my future ex husband/ baby daddy that I would stalk 4ever in a day!!!!

  • Juani4life

    Can a man be beautiful??? If so, he is the definition.

  • Kimmr25

    How did I miss this video? I love him and his stylist seems so cool! Luv when my black people are doing big things! 

  • NegRican24

    God! Why does thou tempt me, get behind me Satan i rebuke you! Lawd that man will make you go straight to he11 just for the sinful thoughts he envokes. Mercy!

  • Rocky

    Beautiful, talented man who always carries himself with style and grace. Yum!

  • Juana

    I work in an office with a lot of women. Why oh why can’t a man that looks this good just plant himself in our front office and just sit there, daily…don’t do anything…just be there so we can stroll back and forth just drooling

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