StyleBlazer TV Exclusive: Idris Elba and Celebrity Stylist Rosie Philidor Talk 2012 Golden Globes + Idris’ Feelings on Fashion (A MUST-SEE!)

  • Ladyluck

    Love this black man.

    • Precious

      I love him too 😉 I had no idea he had an accent! I don’t care either way, i’m not one of those people that’s into that kind of thing I just had no clue!

      • Anonymous

        America is not the only place where there are some fine chocolate black men!  These gorgeous brothers are all over the world!!! Yes ma’am!!  You better know that!

  • Solegirl

    Idris is always looks great on and off camera! His stylist has amazing taste!! She is beautiful as well!!

  • Guest

    I would REALLY HAVE A HARD TIME maintaining a professional relationship with this dude…I don’t know how she does it.

    • Alphamagne

      she doesn’t he probably hit that a thousand times

      • Adriennebarriere

        wow really…

  • Elsie

    I love this video. I love me some Idris. His stylist made him look dapper @ the Globes! Loved his look!

  • journeygirl9508

    he is soooooo fine.  Love me some him!

  • Sfran

    So in love!

  • Anonymous

    I love that accent. I hope he doesn’t keep losing his hair. :(

    • I CAN’T

      Co-sign.   That man is GONE B GOOD no matter what

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Idris!!! That man is handsome!!!

  • Beauty

    I so love him!!!! He is my future ex husband/ baby daddy that I would stalk 4ever in a day!!!!

  • Juani4life

    Can a man be beautiful??? If so, he is the definition.

  • Kimmr25

    How did I miss this video? I love him and his stylist seems so cool! Luv when my black people are doing big things! 

  • NegRican24

    God! Why does thou tempt me, get behind me Satan i rebuke you! Lawd that man will make you go straight to he11 just for the sinful thoughts he envokes. Mercy!

  • Rocky

    Beautiful, talented man who always carries himself with style and grace. Yum!

  • Juana

    I work in an office with a lot of women. Why oh why can’t a man that looks this good just plant himself in our front office and just sit there, daily…don’t do anything…just be there so we can stroll back and forth just drooling

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