Shop 9 Sexy One Piece Swimsuits

StyleBlazer Approved: 9 Sexy One Piece Swimsuits We Love

sexy one piece swimsuits

The one piece swimsuit doesn’t get a lot of love when it comes to beachwear attire—coming in last to the bikini and monokini. We admit to overlooking the style. But, sexy updates, featuring mesh inserts, fashionable flounces, and creative cuts are making us give the one piece a second look. The important thing to keep in mind when revisiting this classic bathing suit is that it’s not about covering up—that’s what a cover up is for. It’s about complementing you body and your style. You can only get so imaginative with a bikini before your run out of options, and monokinis can leave us with…unfortunate tan lines.

So check out these 9 sexy one piece swimsuits that will make you want to welcome the beachwear staple back into your closet.

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