Over All Mastercloth's Fall Looks From Former Supreme Designer

StyleBlazer Man: Supreme Designer Churns Out Covetables For Over All Mastercloth Fall Collection


Photo: Over All Mastercloth
There are always new brands, and for the foreseeable future there will always be new brands. But what sets some of them apart and attracts our attention, sometimes regardless of talent, aesthetic, or skill, is where the designer was prior to their new brand launch.

Such is the case with Over All Mastercloth. Having debuted for Fall 2013, the brand is a product of Carhartt WIP. Yep, you heard that right: Carhartt, the brand you likely associate with thoughts of factory line worker’s clothes. We’ll get back to worker man’s clothes in a second, but this label, which has been shouted out by notable street style photographer Tommy Ton as one to watch, get its designs from the mind of a former head of design for Supreme, Lucas Meier.

Between the two, you’re taking a purveyor of factory clothes and one of the hippest street wear brands of the moment and mashing them together. What exactly does that look like you ask? Well for Fall 2014 it means mainly carefully considered wardrobe stables with a slight minimalist bend. Looks come with outerwear aplenty–a sharp leather factory jacket in tan here and a billowing printed green parka there.

Meir’s time spent at Supreme is clear in the downright covetable and sometimes polarizing nature of the pieces in Over All Mastercloth’s Fall 2014 collection. While a quilted down insulator jacket certainly isn’t going to strike everyone’s fancy, a down work coat in navy with a shearling-lined leather collar (see above) looks like a must-have (and the yellow interior suspenders are a nice touch as well, and they even allow the jacket to be worn a second way).

What are some of your favorite pieces of the collection?