20 Celebrities With Signature Looks

Tupac Shakur and Other Celebrities with Signature Looks


Tupac Shakur was a man of many titles, including fashion icon. The world celebrated what would’ve been his 43rd birthday earlier this week and we can’t help but look back at his most stylish moments in the spotlight. Although we’re sure what to wear on the red carpet wasn’t his main concern, the West Coast rep still managed to turn heads everywhere he went. Whether he’s shirtless, in a suit or rocking baggy jeans, Tupac Shakur is just one of many celebrities with an image that catapulted them to another level of fame. Keep reading to see 20 celebrities with signature looks.

Tupac (Nose Ring and Gold Jewelry)


Photo: WENN

He was a man’s man, but Tupac was also a big fan of jewelry, including his ever present nose ring.

Aaliyah (Tomboy Chic)


The ’90s singer made it okay for pretty girls to sag their jeans and rock loose fitting clothing.

Left Eye (Under Eye Mark)


Photo: Getty

The late rapper was rarely seen without a black line under her left eye.

Cassie (Half Shaved Head)

cff killing them softly premiere 18 230512

Photo: WENN

Cassie’s claim to fame as of late is her hairdo, which has been recreated by countless celebs.

Amber Rose (Shaved Head)

grammy awards arivals 12 130212

Photo: WENN

Amber has rarely strayed from her blonde baldie.

Nelly (Band-Aid)

Nelly in concert

Photo: WENN

Before cleaning up his style, the St. Louis rapper rocked a Band-Aid on his face in honor of an incarcerated friend.

Ariana Grande (Pulled Back Ponytail & Retro Dresses)

56th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Photo: WENN

The Nickelodeon star likes both her hair and style old fashioned.

Janelle Monae (Black and White Tuxedo)

Janelle Monae

Photo: WENN

The Grammy winner rocks a black and white tuxedo on practically every red carpet. She frequently refers to it as her “work uniform.”

Kelly Osbourne (Lavender Hair)

Kelly Osbourne WENN pf

Photo: WENN

She may try different styles, but Kelly’s hair hue remains the same.

Kanye West (Leather Pants)


Photo: WENN

Kanye is rarely seen without a pair of fitted leather pants.

Kate Middleton (Royal Hats)

70th Anniversary if the D-Day Landings in Normandy

Photo: WENN

Kate’s come a long way from her pre-royal days and now enjoys rocking extravagant hats.

Lorde (All Black Everything)

MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) 2014

Photo: WENN

The Kiwi singer loves wearing dark clothes and makeup.

Vanessa Hudgens (Bohemian Chic)

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler match their hats at Coachella

Photo: AKM-GSI

The former “High School Musical” star loves embracing her inner hippie in the name of fashion.

Samuel L. Jackson (Kangol Hat)

American Museum of Moving Image Honors Kevin Spacey - Arrivals

Photo: WENN

The veteran actor never leaves the house without covering his bald head.

LL Cool J (Kangol Hat)


Photo: WENN

Todd Smith is also a fan of Kangol, as he’s rarely seen without a hat atop his head.

Leonardo DiCaprio (Tuxedos)

Leonardo Di Caprio

Photo: WENN

Whenever the movie star steps onto a red carpet, he’s dressed to the nines.

 Amy Winehouse (Beehive Do)

Show At The MTV Europe Music Awards 2007

Photo: Getty

Like her music style, the late singer also rocked the throwback beehive do.

Solange (Natural Hair)

2014 CFDA Fashion Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals

Photo: WENN

The future fashion icon loves donning a larger-than-life fro or braids.

Johnny Depp (Tinted Glasses)

Johnny Depp

Photo: WENN

The seemingly ageless star is a fan of specs, especially ones with a blue tint.

Miley Cyrus (Crop Tops and Spandex)

2013 MTV Music Video Awards

Photo: WENN

Miley loves showing off her fit bod in super tight clothing.


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