15 Most Ratchet Fashions On Instagram

Most Ratchet Fashion(s) From Instagram

Ratchet Fashions Photo: Instagram

You should sit down for this one. Why? Because we’ve rounded up all the ridiculous fashion you see on Instagram every now and then, in one place.

That’s right. That fake Gucci belt, it’s here. That extra small dress on that extra large woman, it’s here. Even the Chinatown “Versace” shirt going for $25, it’s here too. The most astonishing part is that all these photos were done in the name of impressive fashion. They thought they were killing the game..

Not sure who was supposed to be impressed.

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Ratchet Fashion14Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion13Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion12Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion11Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion10Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion9Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion8Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion7Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion6Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion5Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion4Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion3Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion2Photo: Instagram

Ratchet Fashion

  • guest

    Yall sleeping on that bubble wrap shawl

  • andsowhat75

    #15 Air Gucci?

  • Judge Judy

    Is that Bubble Wrap?!?!!?
    ROFL I just got life

  • Guest

    Makes me not want to carry my Gucci Bag.

  • MocaPretty

    I cant deal. LLS

  • Honeybee12

    lmao @ #3!!!

  • Kambriel

    #10 Thats “Ratchet Night” at the legion/am-vets/motorcycle club lmao

  • egyptian princess

    the bandana loafers went all that bad.

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