10 Things We Learned from London Collections: Men

10 Things We Learned From London Collections: Men

LFW - Men's Ready-To-Wear Summer 2015 - Alexander McQueen

As Milan Fashion Week gears up to get going, we’re taking a look back at the three days that were London Collections: Men. Still very much in it’s formative years–this season is just the fifth–the event has quite a fashion cache already, showing headline brands like Burberry, Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, and Topshop, as well as a slew of new names.

And yes, while there have been some scheduling problems as the event fights with Pitti Uomo for space on the calendar, on the whole, the event is, like many other fashion weeks, an amazing place to find new trends and new ways of dressing.

So like the 10 commandments, we look at 10 things we learned from the Spring 2015 London Collections: Men shows. Follow them and thou shalt be fly, if only for a season.

1. It’s OK to love Ursula.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 7.05.00 AM

Photo: Instagram

Yes, it’s okto still love Ursula as an adult male. What’s more, it’s ok to express that love on your sweatshirt like this model was asked to do at the Bobby Abley show. We’re sure the piece won’t cost much, just your voice.

2. This isn’t just a handsome face.

One For The Boys Charity Ball

Photo: WENN

Ok, we kind of knew this before as he’s been a pretty recurring face at the shows since their inauguration but David Gandy drove the point home by announcing that he’d be releasing a small capsule collection soon–an underwear line with Marks & Spencer.  And though he will be appearing in the campaign it’s clear that he’s not just a clotheshorse.

3. Overalls are still up for summer wear.

LFW- Men's Ready-To-Wear Summer 2015 - Moschino

Photo: WENN

In case you thought there was a tipping point wherein being older than 12-year-old meant you could no longer wear overalls, you’re wrong.  According to Moschino–and a few others for that matter–overalls, especially in the shorter variation, are totally fair game for summa, summa, summa time.

4. The Red Light District is where it’s at.

LFW- Men's Ready-To-Wear Summer 2015 - James Long

 Photo: WENN

When you’re thinking colors, make sure to get some red in there.  The best way to do so is by grabbing a red jacket or coat.  You can go casual like how James Long did with a simple hoodie (above), utilitarian with multiple big pockets like at YMC, or even elegant like some of the Alexander McQueen pieces.

5. Double breasted blazers make nice silhouettes.

LFW - Men's Ready-To-Wear Summer 2015 - Alexander McQueen

Photo: WENN

At Alexander McQueen we realized that we’d been seeing quite a few double breasted blazers at the shows — albeit, full disclosure: there were a lot of single breasted ones as well — and realized that they can be quite forgiving. Of course you can be David Gandy and have them cinched in pretty tight, but you can also keep them loose but when you button them up, because of the design they give a slight silhouette no matter the size.

6. Speaking of cinching… belt it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 8.01.35 AM

Photo: Instagram

Don’t ask too many questions, just do it. Belt your jackets! Everyone is doing it, including the creative teams at Topman Design, aStrid Anderson, Burberry, Kent & Curwen as well as Hackett London (above), to name only a few names.

7. There is definitely a wrong way to wear a crop top.

LFW- Men's Ready-To-Wear Summer 2015- J.W.Anderson

Photo: WENN

A frontier of menswear that we are currently breaching apparently is the crop top. And while we will say it wasn’t too terrible when Kid Cudi did it, we’ve now realized there is a definite wrong way to do it as well.

8. Jude Law’s oldest son is a model.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 7.56.59 AM

Photo: Instagram

And his name is Rafferty. We learned that when the spawn turned model made his debut on the runway at DKNY.  His agency said “The best is yet to come!” on Instagram which is just another way of saying: Welcome to the male version of Kendall Jenner.

9. Denim is back in new ways.

LFW Men's Ready-To-Wear Summer 2015 - Burberry Prorsum - Catwalk

Photo: WENN

Burberry (above) did jackets and Tom Ford did a line of denim jeans. So yeah, get all the denim you can. Texas tuxedo anyone?

10. The 70s were a nice time.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 8.07.32 AM

Photo: Instagram

Woodstock, flaired pants, suede, and a certain ease colored the decade and many of this season’s collections.  Our must have? This floral-printed box trunk from Topman Design.

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