How I Made It: Lisa Price, Founder Of Carol's Daughter

How I Made It: Lisa Price, Founder Of Carol’s Daughter

Hey StyleBlazers! We’re happy to announce that we’re bringing back another season of our exclusive web series, How I Made It. For our first episode of Season 5, we got the pleasure to speak to Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter. Watch the video above to learn her story and stay tuned for future episodes!

About This Episode

Lisa Price has become of the biggest names in the beauty industry because of her brand, Carol’s Daughter, which was affectionately named after her mother. Celebrities and beauty lovers alike have expressed their love for the beauty line over the years.

Price, who used to work in television production, originally started her beauty business as a hobby. She would mix fragrances and create beauty products in her kitchen and then sell them at flea markets. The brand, which consists of natural hair and body products soon garnered a cult following, and Lisa’s rise to success was almost inevitable.

In this episode of How I Made It, Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter, shares how she turned a love of fragrance into a highly successful beauty empire.


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  • Brittany

    i thought they were going bankrupt

    • yea

      that’s what i thought to. those prices could have been lower

  • rene

    I love your hair products. I do Healthy Hair Butter and steam rollers; haven’t seen frizzy in a long time.

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