SAG Awards 2012 Red Carpet Recap: The Brown Edition (Regina King, Viola Davis, Zoe Saldana & More!)


    Regina looks hard in the face.  Not feeling her hair style.  Viola’s chocolate skin is DEVINE! Zoe can  stand to gain 10lbs., she’s givin’ that bobble-head look.  For some reason, Octavia reminds me of Sherri Shephard & you have to respect the legendary Miss Tyson.

  • noyaya

    I think they all look beautiful.  No too fond of Cicely Tyson’s outfit but she is so beautiful you gotta respect it.  She earned it.

  • Alimaj

    I love the color of Regina Kings dress! People still wear mink stool’s @ Cicely Tyson? What’s going on with her sleeves as well!! Octavia & Viola’s dresses…SMH!

    • Alimaj

      Is it me or does Zoe’s dress looks like she threw the dress over a white wife beater

  • fiasco

    Ms..Regina King, can u please start aging before I catch up to you?! Thanks.

  • Sookiiee


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