12 Summer Jams To Get The Party Started Right

Editors’ Picks: 12 Summer Jams To Get The Party Started Right


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Parties on parties on parties–that’s the real reason everyone loves summer. And what get’s the party started better than good music? Nothing! (Well, good drinks, maybe, but we digress.) Here at StyleBlazer, we’re bopping along in our chairs to songs old and new all day long, so you know we just had to share our favorites with you.

As Fourth of July creeps ever closer, it’s important that you 1. pick an outfit, and 2. make a playlist! In order to help with the later task, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite songs for summer as this week’s Editors’ Picks. Click through to see what the StyleBlazer editors will be listening to this summer and beyond. Don’t forget to let us know your favorite songs in the comments!

PS: To make things easy for you, we’ve put all of the songs in a Spotify playlist for you, available on the last slide!

Crystal Tate, Deputy Editor

“OK I know this is the most predictable choice of 2014 but you have to admit that this song puts a smile on your face as soon as it comes on! And for that alone, I love it.”

“Iggy’s debut hit “Work” was one of my favorite jams of last summer so it’s no surprise that she’d also make one of my top picks this year. This upbeat song is perfect for a day at the beach or a BBQ.”

Danielle Kwateng, Senior Editor

“I’ve really been into Euro-electronic music lately and this collabo song is the perfect carefree summer anthem.”

“It reminds me of summer days in South Florida at the beach– doesn’t get any more awesome than that.”

Tameika Lawrence, Fashion Editor

“I’ll be playing out cuffin season because I LOVE the beat. Plus, I like the lyrics–he’s being sarcastic and matter-o-fact, making all this social commentary about women and beauty and pop culture trends during and after summer without being really offensive. ”

“I really, really love LdR’s music, although it does tend to be emotional and a little heavy. West Coast is like that, but I think it’s a good soundtrack for that other aspect of summer–the opposite of all the crazy, wild, partying, blah blah blah. It’s smooth, slow and light.”

Giselle Childs, Associate Editor

“One of the requirements of a summer jam for me is one that inspires dance no matter the situation. This song absolutely fits that criteria. And just like the artist does in the awesome video for this song, I plan on dancing to this down the street, in my room, in the club, anywhere and everywhere.”

“Another requirement of an ideal summer jam is that it’s just FUN. This Charli XCX song from “The Fault In Our Stars” soundtrack is the perfect party song that people can sing along with; plus it’s crazy catchy. Can’t beat that.”

Anayo Awuzie, Assistant Editor

“This song has the right amount of funk, soul and raunch to be the perfect summer jam. Everything Elli Ingram puts out is so classic with the right amount of British edge. I can hear this being played at all the parties in BK this summer!”

“I found this gem on Saint Heron a few months ago and still play it religiously. Perfect song to literally ride around to on your bike or car in the summer .The minute the beat starts it gets you going!”

Nicole Brown, Editorial Assistant

“I love the upbeat production and Mandy Lee’s voice is so soulful. Definitely one of those songs you blast in a drop top on your way to the beach.”

“I’m a longtime fan of Sia and really excited that she’s finally getting recognized for her own music. Her songwriting credits are crazy–look them up if you have a moment.”

StyleBlazer’s Summer Jams 2014  Playlist


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