10 Picnic Essentials For A Perfect Gathering

10 Picnic Essentials You Should Bring To Your Next Outdoor Gathering


Photo: Steven Meisel for Vogue

Picnicking in the park is one of summer loveliest pastimes–the breeze, the good company, and the good food and drink make for an memorable occasion each and every time (hopefully). But organizing the event takes more than just a Facebook message to five friends with a place and a time.

In fact, a well thought-out picnic is a combination of things–planning who to invite, yes, but also making sure you bring all the tools necessary to achieve maximum happiness! We’re all about the pursuit of happiness here at StyleBlazer, so without further ado let’s get into the 10 picnic essentials you should bring on your next outdoor gathering.

Oh, and one more thing before we go–have fun!

picnic basket

Martha Stewart Collection White Wicker Picnic Basket For Two, $100

Those of you out there who can’t be bothered to remember all the little details should look for an all-incluisve picnic basket like this one from Martha Stewart. It takes care of all the prep work for you! Those who like a little more diversity, keep clicking.


Williams & Sonoma, Roll-Up Picnic Table, $79.95

Sometimes a picnic grows so large that you need a durable surface to hold all the plates, bottles, and dishes. In those moments, this roll-up picnic table from Williams & Sonoma is a great option to keep things tidy.


Target, Oh Joy! Restaurant Food Baskets, $4 for four baskets

We’re a little bit obsessed with Oh Joy! Target collection, which is currently on sale for the holiday. This blogger’s bright and whimsical take on life comes through in her summer-ready garden party collection, and these restaurant food baskets are a quaint nod to our favorite summer junk foods–chili dogs, popcorn, french fries, or whatever strikes your fancy. Plus, they’re light, portable, and easy to clean.


Zara, Diamonds Throw, $49.99

No picnic is complete without a place to sit, and this bright and bold Zara throw works as a great picnic blanket. The eye-catching color will make sure that no party goer gets lost–you can probably see it from space. (ET, you can totally come to our next picnic.)


Susty Party, Party Pack, $75 (24 place settings)

Unless you’re having a picnic for toddlers, in which case we’ll pass on that invite, you’ll need plates, utensils, and the whole nine yards. You’ll need a party pack! Susty Party, a Brooklyn, New York-based company that creates environmentally friendly tableware that’s compostable, non-toxic, and made in America, makes a great option in a variety of fun colors.


Target, Oh Joy! Plastic Disposable Goblets, $4 for a set of four

For those of you out there who aren’t interested in drinking wine out of paper cups–you fancy, but we get it. These disposable goblets from the Oh Joy collection at Target are a super fun way to drink wine or a cocktail “properly.” Don’t forget to raise that pinky finger.


 The Container Store, Giara Water Bottle, $8.99 each

Speaking of beverages, these reusable water bottles from The Container Store will add color and flair to your picnic setup (and look good in your Instagram photos). Fill yours with water, lemon, and mint, for a refreshing drink.


 Pottery Barn, Bocce Set, $99

Polite conversation is always nice, but real entertainment comes from a little competition! Keep things lively with a game of bocce ball.


Jawbone, Mini Jambox, $129.99

If Bocce is a bust, make sure you have some portable speakers on hand to get the party started. Here are some tunes you should consider playing–these StyleBlazer-approved summer jams will not disappoint.


Italian Pressed Sandwiches

Last but not least, what’s a picnic without food? Nothing, it’s literally just people sitting in the grass. Be authentic and don’t forget to pack sandwiches! You’ll need something to soak up the wine, after all.

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