15 Of The Most Ratchet #ShoePorn Instagram Pics

  • Brittany

    #10 was just uggh. those uglies feet were hurting my eyes

  • QuestionsBeforeActions

    I never thought anything like 8 could exist in life. Ever. And I think somebody was joking with 11.

    I actually liked the title pic lol, minus the fuzzies on the ankle.

  • paganalexandira

    The only way someone could thing 12 was the business, was if they’re totally into normcore culture. Then it would be just an ironic joke.

  • Kambriel

    #11 made my mouth hurt just looking it!

  • @iCandyEarrings


  • Maria Kathleen Williams

    EGADS #4 !!

  • Spirit

    If they’re cute to you then that is all that matters.

  • ll

    Some of them actually are not that bad. I like the green one with the lace.

  • ll

    Some of them were made to look worse because of the feet inside them

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