The 15 Worst Instagram #ShoePorn Photos

15 Of The Most Ratchet #ShoePorn Instagram Pics

IMG_5033 "Instagram" "shoeporn" "#shoeporn"Photo: Instagram

What’s awesome about Instagram is that everyone thinks they’re a star. And everyone swears they’re the hottest thing in the world.

So when #ShoePorn became a regular hashtag for photos of stylish shoes, one could expect some bad mixed in with the good. We found the bad. Not all of these photos are the worst thing ever, but they’re definitely not worth the title of #shoeporn. You let us know what you think!

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IMG_5034Photo: Instagram

IMG_5035Photo: Instagram

IMG_5036Photo: Instagram

IMG_5037Photo: Instagram

IMG_5038Photo: Instagram

IMG_5039Photo: Instagram

IMG_5040Photo: Instagram

IMG_5041Photo: Instagram

IMG_5032Photo: Instagram

IMG_5029Photo: Instagram

IMG_5042Photo: Instagram

IMG_5028Photo: Instagram

IMG_5030Photo: Instagram

IMG_5031Photo: Instagram

  • Brittany

    #10 was just uggh. those uglies feet were hurting my eyes

  • QuestionsBeforeActions

    I never thought anything like 8 could exist in life. Ever. And I think somebody was joking with 11.

    I actually liked the title pic lol, minus the fuzzies on the ankle.

  • paganalexandira

    The only way someone could thing 12 was the business, was if they’re totally into normcore culture. Then it would be just an ironic joke.

  • Kambriel

    #11 made my mouth hurt just looking it!

  • @iCandyEarrings


  • Maria Kathleen Williams

    EGADS #4 !!

  • Spirit

    If they’re cute to you then that is all that matters.

  • ll

    Some of them actually are not that bad. I like the green one with the lace.

  • ll

    Some of them were made to look worse because of the feet inside them

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