What Not To Wear At An Amusement Park Courtesy Of Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians have an Amusing Night Out in NYC - Part 2Photo: AKM-GSI


You gotta love a girl’s girl who likes to look feminine at all times, but sometimes less is more. Kim Kardashian was a victim of this on Tuesday, when she was spotted at an amusement park in East Hampton. The reality star and her family are in the vacation haven for the summer filming the upcoming season of  “Kardashians Take the Hamptons.”



The Kardashians have an Amusing Night Out in NYCPhoto: AKM-GSI

Before their amusement park visit the family enjoyed dinner in Sag Harbor where Kim dressed appropriately in a Givenchy dress with Hermes heels. It’s a great summer look. But not for running around with kids and dirt.

The 33-year-old stuck out like a sore thumb, clutching the hem of her dress while the rest of the family enjoyed the rides. She did take time from her discomfort to take pictures with fans though! While she looked gorgeous it wasn’t appropriate. That’ll teach her for constantly needing to look sexy. Just throw on jeans and a top!

See more of the awkward pictures on the next pages.


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  1. says:

    she is ridiculous and ugly and fake

  2. says:

    “That’ll teach her for constantly needing to look sexc” awwww you sound jealous! if someone wants to look good i never understood why it upsets the next person.

  3. says:

    Her lower legs are huge. Wow, I actually remember when she was smaller. Seems so long ago.

  4. says:

    Kim should take style pointers from Kourtney on how to dress for the occasion. Really! heels and wrap dress at an amusement park??!!

    • says:

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      on the computer . see post F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

  5. says:

    Still a casual dress, wear what you want who cares…just
    the other day I happen to end up at the part in a bodycon dress and heels which
    was not planned…shyt happens when you least expect it.

    • says:

      This attention seeking h0e knew she was going to be there. She just can’t hardly fit that lumped up diaper butt into denim jeans or shorts.

  6. says:

    she is a attention seeker scared if she dresses down she want get any media attention

  7. says:

    I keep seeing old pics of Kim everywhere and I forgot she even looks like ^that. LOL WTF is going on with her face? Kanye needs to stop being an enabler. Why would a man whose mom died from complications of plastic surgery, let his wife continue to destroy her face and body like that?

  8. says:

    Cute shoes but to an amusement park? Does she ever just chill out? I don’t know too many mothers who like wearing heals all the time. Relax your feet and face.

  9. says:

    She looks fine to me

  10. says:

    why does she look fat

  11. says:

    she does NOT look the same at all!! I use to love her what is happening to her face :(

  12. says:

    umm if kim kardashian was “appropriate” she wouldn’t be famous.

  13. says:


    kanye need to watch out kim is so needy for attention she will try to get it anywhere– other night she was with beiber and Floyyd.

  14. says:

    She looks like a fool-as usual. Kim=inappropriate! She needs a stylist to tell her how and what to wear. She is too over the hill for 3/4 of what she wears. Her outfits are unattractive and BORING

  15. says:

    Because the baby is NOT a priority and the baby isn’t happy. Most babies are happy and playful. IT IS A TOTAL SHAME THE WAY SHE ignores this poor child.

  16. says:

    I hope she goes away really soon

  17. says:

    That “dress” looks like the smocks I wear when I’m at the hairdressers. Not attractive as well as a stupid thing to wear to the park.

  18. says:

    “She looked gorgeous”……according to who? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. says:

    Who smiles by putting their tongue at back of bottom lip.

  20. says:

    MOOOOO—that is one big FAT a$$

  21. says:

    She is so “LOOK AT ME,ME, ME!!!!” that I can’t watch the show!!! Film without Kim and I’ll check it out, but not with her on!!!

  22. says:

    what dif does it make what you wear if you’re a flaming skank?

  23. says:

    Kim looks great in whatever she puts on. 2 Thumbs up.

  24. says:

    people still watch this cr@p?

  25. says:

    Does anyone know how to use spell checker, grammar and punctuation anymore? “Kim done got…” Seriously?!!!

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