Best New American Designers In Fashion

Best And Buzziest New American Designers In Fashion


It seems like only yesterday New York burst onto the fashion scene to give Paris and Milan some much needed competition by highlighting American (and US-based) designers. OK, no it doesn’t. Americans have been at this for a minute! In the spirit of this upcoming Independence Day we’re feeling nostalgic and taking stock of the great contributions Americans have made to fashion, like sportswear—you’re welcome, world. And we honestly can’t do that without taking a look at the designers who still make it all possible today, especially the new, buzzy up-and-comers. So in observation of this 4th of July, we’re rounding up some of the best new American designers who are bound to become your new faves.

Check them out in the following pages.

ADEAM by Hanako Maeda


Founded: 2011

Described as: Fusion of art and wearability

Alexander Wang

Photo courtesy NARS

Founded: 2007

Described as: Tough girl chic

Public School by Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow


Founded: 2008

Described as: Blend of high and low references with urban edge

Ernest Alexander by Ernest Alexander Sabine


Founded: 2009

Described as: Traditional materials with modern aesthetic

The Row by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


Founded: 2006

Described as: Minimal, relaxed elegance

Brandon Sun


Founded: 2011

Described as: Clean and casual

Daniella Kallmeyer


Founded: 2010

Described as: Edgy and sophisticated with a twist

LaQuan Smith


Photo: Instagram/laquan_smith

Founded: 2008

Described as: Bold and avant-garde

Hood by Air by Shayne Oliver


Founded: 2006

Described as: Urban street goth

Cushnie et Ochs by Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs


Founded: 2008

Described as: Understated and luxuriously modern

Harbison by Charles Elliott Harbison


Found: 2013

Described as: Feminine and masculine with a balance of contradiction throughout

Richards by Sarah Richards


Founded: 2012

Described as: Artful play with prints

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