LVMH Group Opening L’Institut des Métiers d’Excellence

LVMH Opening School To Train Young Artisans, Ensure Legend Lives On


Photo: Louis Vuitton

Once upon a time the art of craftsmanship was heralded among young people, rather than the art of crafting the perfect selfie. The LVMH Group is looking to bring those days back, and to ensure its luxury status reigns on long into the future with their new school, “L’Institut des Métiers d’Excellence” (IME).

As announced on the group’s website, IME is “a program of professional training that will allow the LVMH Group to ensure the transmission of its savoir-faire while enhancing the different métiers in the fields of craftsmanship and creation among young generations. Starting in September, the IME will enable accredited degrees, through paid apprenticeships within the Maisons of the Group.”

In layman’s terms, that basically means this: Starting this September, LVMH Group–home to storied fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, and more, as well as Tag Huer, Bvlgari, and Hublot–is opening up its doors and its partnerships to students looking to learn the luxury trade. The first students will be welcomed by Louis Vuitton and the jewelry company Chaumet and while taking classes at accredited schools (one for dress making, another for jewelry design), will also apprentice and get paid for it.

Everything about this deal sounds enviable. Not only does this open up the door for employment opportunities for young people in Europe (who, frankly, need it badly), but, by specially training its own artisans–couturiers, makers of leather goods, and more–it also allows LVMH to ensure that the brand will continue to maintain it’s high-end, luxury status in the future and remain at the forefront of the industry.

No word yet on how students will actually apply to the IME, but you should probably start writing your personal statement now.

To learn more about LVMH Group’s L’Institut des Métiers d’Excellence, see here.

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