Short Natural Hairstyles For The Summer Heat

Thursday Tresses: The Best Hair Of The Week

short natural hairPhoto: Instagram

With July in full effect (hot weather, 4th of July, hurricanes) it’s time to really consider what we have going on up top. If you’re like yours truly, your hair is already off your back.

But some of you may be a bit too timid to make the big chop– as it’s affectionately known. This post may the push you need.

These 15 lovely ladies have short to mid-length natural haircuts that frame their face to perfection. They are also great styles for the hot and humid summer weather.

Check them all out on the next pages.

  • Anona

    I dont mean any harm but who picked these pics? Go to thecutlife IG. Those are some sharp hair styles.

    • Denise Smith

      I really was hoping someone else said that so that I could second it…. This made me not want wear a twa. bet the editor isn’t african american natural

  • wah?

    Allyuh hadda be mad

  • wah?

    The first one and the one with the red lips n high top alone. Everybody else is failure.

  • I love seeing Joseline Hernandez of LHHATL rock short hair, yassss love it on her.

  • PolkaDots

    SOME of these are really cute short cuts but NOTHING will EVER inspire me to cut my hair short like any of these looks.

    I’m a long hair girl POR VIDA.

  • cece

    Beautiful women with lovely short cuts. 🙂